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Dear Soulful Seeker, 

As Mahatma Gandhi said, it is important to be the change we wish to see in the world.

My calling, my purpose, is to be a catalyst of transformation. In our sessions, I guide you to gently redesign the course of your life with the focused intention of optimizing your personal journey to achieve your desired success and well-being. 

For me, it is what I do. For you, it may seem miraculous to experience, where once there was pain, turmoil, discomfort, and discord...what remains is ease, joy, purpose, and self-actualization.

In providing my clients with sustainable client-centered healing modalities, in a luxurious and nurturing setting, I fulfill my dreams and purpose of supporting others in their quest for transformation, wellness, and intentional living. Modalities include a unique blend of hypnotherapy, NLP, astrology, energy, past life regression, tarot, sacred journeys, soul retrieval, Gestalt coaching, and applied kinesiology.

When you are healthy and living from a place of purpose, you are fulfilling your soul's quest, and radiating positive energy into the lives of those you influence.

So please take a look around. Education and opportunity await you!



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