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To schedule a free 15-minute consultation to determine the best way to proceed to achieve your personal goals, please email me at marylee@maryleelabay.com or call 844.544.4242.


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Through a combination of philosophy, quantum reality and holistic techniques, I facilitate an inner journey that creates substance, meaning, and purpose in everyday life. I also train others to do that work, so the effects of conscious awareness reach a broader audience, creating rapid and sustainable positive transformation not only on a personal level, but also globally.

Every human being is a unique combination of thoughts and feelings, physical characteristics and purpose. Our lives are as individual as our fingerprints. Whether a person is ready to change limiting patterns or embrace their true spiritual powers, it is important that the techniques applied be tailored to the individual. The approach used in my practice is client-centered, respectful, non-judgmental and non-intrusive.

As a hypnotherapist, life coach, and spiritual counselor, I do not cure or heal you. I facilitate your self-discovery and return to health and happiness, through proven skillful techniques. Techniques used may include hypnotherapy, astrology, tarot, Gestalt therapies, coaching, past life regression, spirit communication, journeys, soul retrieval and more. There are so many aspects of your life to discover and explore through these gentle, yet profound, modalities offered.

During an optional free 15-minute initial phone consultation we will discuss how you may obtain your goals, the methods and direction that path will take, and a reasonable estimate of the length of that process. Some issues are cleared up in one session, while others may take much longer. Remember that it may have taken a lifetime (or more) to manifest the disturbances you are experiencing. Creating permanent positive change requires a thorough exploration and correction of the many facets that a problem may have developed.

Be assured that you will be an informed participant every step of the way, as you progress to health and happiness.

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Mary Lee’s office is in the Lakemont/Newcastle area of Bellevue.

Address (mail only):               4957 Lakemont Blvd. C-4 #242

Bellevue, WA  98006