7 Ways to Let Go of Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a very joyful and exciting time, and they can also bring added stress. This season is a time to gather with friends and family, build happy memories together, and enjoy traditions. Yet, because there are so many activities added to an already busy life, it is easy to become overwhelmed, anxious, tired, and worried.

Here are seven ways you can let go of unnecessary stress. Repeat after me.

  1. I can let go of the need to be perfect. I will do the best I can and enjoy the quirkiness of however that turns out. I am a work in progress just like everyone else. I can see that no one around me is perfect, and I love plenty of them just the same. They will love me even better when I can relax more. 
  2. I can let go of undue stress. I can move with grace and ease through each activity, knowing this is my life and every moment can create a memory to cherish. When I relax I am more pleasant and creative, energized and fun to be around (even for myself).
  3. I can let go of guilt. Guilt merely reminds me that I may not be living up to my own standards. If so, I can make corrections immediately and let go of any guilt. Never do I have to feel guilty for not living up to someone else’s standards. That is their issue to deal with. If someone tries to make me feel guilty, I will simply smile and give them a hug, because they must need it.
  4. I can let go of needing to be in control of everything, all the time. It will empower others to allow them to take responsibility and contribute all they can. They will love me for allowing them to feel good about themselves. And it will be entertaining to see how things turn out from the collaboration.
  5. I can let go of pleasing everyone all the time. It is a thankless job that disavows who I really am, and only fills me with resentment. I will be kind, considerate, and true to my own self.
  6. I can let go of changing others. I know how it feels when someone tries to convince me to change habits, beliefs, or behaviors. I resist until I am ready, and so will they. I can serve as a role model only. When they see how happy, relaxed, self-confident and successful I am, they will want to be more like me…in their own time. If I am not all those things, I will work on myself before I work on them.
  7. I can let go of worries. Worrying is negative imagination that robs me of my energy and my creativity. I will give myself permission to write down my to-do list, move through it as best I can, and then give myself long periods of time to bask in my “worry-free” zone. I will smile, relax, and be in the moment, enjoying the true meaning of the holidays.

I hope I have given you the gift of the ability to smile, relax, and let go.