Defining Purpose & Path

We use the terms Purpose and Path frequently. What do those terms mean, and how are they different?  Here is how we can make a distinction between the two terms.


According to Webster’s Dictionary Purpose is:  The reason for which something or someone exists or is done, made, etc. An intended result, aim, goal.

Our purpose is that which we were made to do – or that which aligns with our highest values.  When we know our purpose, we can more closely identify our path to achieving it. We can orient our intentions and actions in the direction of our highest goals.

There are two uses for the word Purpose as we will be using it in discussions on this website.
• Purpose is the meaning that consciousness has given to an event, person, or thing.
• Purpose is the unique goal that aligns our Being with our highest values.

Your path is a result of the nature of your intention. It determines whether (or not) you reach your goal, how you get there, your speed, and the experiences you have along the way

Who determines a person’s purpose? And path?

Each person determines their purpose and path, and each person is ultimately responsible for achieving them.

• It is not outside you – it is inherent in you.

What do you imagine it would be like to see yourself strong, not weak? How will it feel when you see your purpose and your path already manifested?