A Discussion of Consciousness and Existence

Consciousness is necessary to know that we exist, and Existence gives us something of which to be conscious. They come as a pair, and depend on one another. Without either one, we would be nothing—and we would not even know that we were nothing!

Existence and Consciousness are the two most fundamental components of life. By “life,” I mean not just the lifetime you are living now, but the “you” that extends over many lifetimes, and between lifetimes into eternity. Your soul. To keep your soul strong, growing, and thriving along this journey, you need to feed and nurture Existence and Consciousness. The more you feed and enrich Consciousness and Existence, the more full, happy, and rewarding your life becomes.

Existence is fed with experiences. The wider, deeper, more various, and loamier your range of experiences, the richer your Existence. These experiences can be positive or negative. You can bring Consciousness to bear on your Existence to make it increasingly positive, but even negative experiences increase Existence.

Whether you are a carpenter or a rocket scientist does not really matter. It is the depth and breadth of experience that feeds Existence, not your career choice. If you feel frustrated in your career, you may simply need more variety, or a change. You may be doing something that is no longer teaching you anything, or has become redundant. Your current profession may no longer be relevant to your path or purpose.

You feed Consciousness by becoming more aware of yourself and the universe—by exploring your motivations, learning life lessons, engaging in activities that encourage self discovery, healing fear-based perspectives and behaviors, and also through practices like meditation, creative visualization, and hypnotherapy that build your imaginative powers. All of this is food for Consciousness.