Build Character!

We go to the gym to improve our physical health, and shape and tone our body. We lift weights, creating minute tears, or trauma, in the muscle fibers. Weightlifters call this shredding. This encourages the body to build more muscle while it is repairing itself.

314888_167762813307952_101513219932912_342820_1235564533_nIn other words, we traumatize the body in order to shape it.

When we are finished, we put the weights down and leave the gym. Then we can point to our bodies and be so proud of its health, tone and condition.

In a similar way, in order to shape and tone our character, we need to experience weighty issues. We need to “lift” emotional weights. We do so by facing and overcoming challenges.

The problem is that we forget to put the weights down when we are finished with the challenge, as we did in the gym. We tend to carry the trauma arou

nd with us as emotional baggage. We identify ourselves as being abused or as a victim. Typically, during a session with a client, they are not presently being abused, just as they are not holding up a barbell. Yet, they continue to carry that emotional burden as though it were happening in the very moment.

My approach as a hypnotherapist is to allow the client to explore that weighty issue, and discover what exactly they were able to learn and in what way they were able to grow from their experiences.

This allows them to appreciate the experience in a new light, and finally put it down. They no longer need to carry it around as though it were happening even still.the experience. How did they shape and tone their character, their soul?

Then they can focus on how nicely their soul has been toned and shaped rather than how they were shredded by the experience.

What experiences have you had that have shaped your character and made you who you are? What weighty issues do you need to set down now so that you can enjoy the growth and character building without the continued burden?