In my book, Exploring Past Lives, I write this is the Introduction:

“Imagine stillness everywhere, bathed in neither light nor darkness. A vast yawning, yet nothing. No awareness, no thing of which to be aware. No consciousness. No existence.

Out of nowhere, and of nothing, a movement. A ripple in he still pool. A nudge—infinitesimal, and at the same time infinite. A gentle rhythm develops. Force and resistance. Friction. Reaction. A vortex. Swirling masses. A storm.

Out of the storm bursts forth the conscious awareness of existence. Reflection and wonder. Thirst for knowledge. Hunger for experience.

And with the dawning of self-awareness, the birth of separation. Awareness of self conjures the recognition of other. Curiosity. The lust for survival. Competition.

Knowledge. And the wisdom of its use. Provides the fundamental means of survival. Self0awareness becomes the instrument for a soul’s furthering of its existence.

In this primal quest for survival, the spirit seeks a hero. It requires a courageous servant who will plunge to the depths single-mindedly in search of its personal brass ring—life-extending experience and knowledge. Our soul is that champion of the spirit. As our soul descends into the dense medium of a physical incarnation, it embarks on a hero’s adventure. It crosses the threshold, leaving the gates of the eternal community. It accepts the challenge of seeking out truth, morality, virtue, growth, and ultimate survival through the experiences of physical incarnation.

At death, the soul returns to the spirit, bearing gifts of memories, character, and change. Those pieces of the character find places in the spirit’s architecture. The alterations in its structure demonstrate movement—the expansion and contraction of the spirit, as if it is taking a breath. Memories are all that remain of the sensual physical experiences, relationships, and adventures that give color to the spirit’s perceptions and imagination.

Awaken to the reality that you are the hero of your own tale. You are the greatest hope that your spirit has of ultimate survival. Although there are infinite aspects of you existing throughout history, marked by your numerous incarnations, the present aspect of you is the culmination of all the others. You are the result of all your experiences. You, in this moment, represent all the expansive growth, minus all the contractive movement, that you have ever experienced. You are the full, and singular, representative of your spirit.

Be the hero. Plunge deeply and seize your brass ring!”

When embarking on any journey there are two important points. Where you are when you begin, and where it is you plan to go. Without those two factors in mind, you are simply wandering. Most people wander. They deal with what comes their way. They may learn something from their challenges, or they may simply adapt a coping mechanism. We all have plenty of those!

While wandering one might pick up a variety of philosophies along the way. There are plenty of them since everyone has a philosophy! So listening to friends and family, speakers, teachers, and counselors, or reading books and watching programs, all become part of the “lesson plan”. However, there is no real lesson plan because all these pieces are not coherent. The wanderer is left to try them all out, and do the best they can to sort out what works and what doesn’t. This can be a lengthy and formidable process!

To be squarely on the hero’s path and to be moving steadily towards a desired goal it is important to assess where you are now and where you want to go.

To progress most efficiently along the journey requires the guidance of someone who has traveled there before. This is not unlike embarking on a climb to the top of Mt. Everest. Would you go there alone? Would you be equipped and prepared? Would you know the best paths and how to avoid the worst pitfalls?

If you are going to Mt. Everest you would not hire a jungle guide. If going to the Amazon jungle, you wouldn’t be well-served to be lead by an ocean diving guide.

Remember it is an adventure of exploration, discovery, gathering, severing, alterations, and, ultimately, growth and greater awareness. It is so much better to walk the path with companions. To have companions on the path is like living in a family. Companions offer support, along with challenges. Both will give depth and breadth to the experience.

Are you firmly on your hero’s path, or ready to embark on that journey? I wish you great good fortune. It will be delightful to see you along the way!