Past life regression and life between life exploration is a significant aspect of Awareness Engineering. They are also an important part of self-discovery and the evolving consciousness. Let me share the journey I began many years ago.

I close my eyes and relax. My mind begins to gently drift away from the day-to-day issues, the bustle of the modern world.

Out of the dark a picture begins to form, much like a camera shutter opening. There is a flame, a torch, mounted on a wall. And as the picture continues to widen and become sharper, I discover you I am looking down a hallway, lined with large, rough stones.

As I perceive myself moving along this hallway I discover that I can look into an open doorway to see a group of men around a heavy wooden table, intently discussing some political matter. I know that I would have no business entering that room. I am a young girl, living in my uncle’s manor, in England in the 1100s.

And so began my journey into discovering my past lives. That was over two decades ago. For me it was a milestone event – one that I had eagerly awaited for years, hoping to find the right circumstances together with the appropriate person to guide me into my personal past life memories. It has been an evolving path ever since!

You too can remember your past lives. After all, the memories of those experiences resides in our own minds. We just have to learn how to access them.

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