A Key to Unlocking Your Best Future

It’s Up to You

Success and happiness don’t happen by chance. They are the result of opportunity, choice, and action. And these critical steps are bound together by an innate human process that continuously informs them: the subconscious.

Your mind is similar to a hard drive, one with limitless capacity that records every moment of your waking life. Most of this data is filtered before it reaches your conscious mind – from the constant din of construction machinery and rush hour traffic to the countless bits of knowledge and information that pass in front of your eyes each day.

However, just because the information isn’t retained by our immediate awareness doesn’t mean that it’s lost. Far from it, in fact.

You are Limitless

The subconscious mind retains everything. And more significantly, it continuously interprets the information, pairing it with the daily problems we confront in an attempt to offer solutions. Unfortunately, many of us have lost the ability to be still and listen to the wisdom readily available within ourselves. We’ve become too weighed down by the pressures of the day and segmented by the many directions we’re constantly pulled in. 

Your potential is limitless. And the ability to change our current circumstances, achieving any goal – no matter how great or small – is a power that’s accessible by anyone. By tapping into the guidance of your subconscious mind, the answers will present themselves. This approach has become a peak area of research and study by psychologists specializing in everything from kinesiology and other physical processes affected by the mind to specialists focused on the more traditional internal aspects of emotional distress.

Taken as a whole, their research has produced one common thread: your subconscious is one of the most powerful tools for inciting change in your life. By leveraging it effectively, you can…

  • Lose weight and improve your physical health
  • Maximize your time through choices that seem to prioritize themselves
  • Discover the creative inspiration that’s been eluding you
  • Achieve guidance and success toward a specific task, relationship, or direction in life

Reprogram for Success

It’s important to understand that the subconscious does not discriminate. It will not judge or censor. As an unseen observer, it watches and listens to the information presented, regardless of whether these thoughts are positive or negative. In return, it manifests success, abundance, and wellness as easily as failure, sickness, and strife.

Think of your subconscious as a garden. It produces only that which has been cultivated.

So the first bit of advice I would offer you is the same I offer my clients: fill your life with the self-affirming information, people, and activities that build you up. Because your happiness and success is literally a state of mind!

Studies of sports performance have shown that the inner visualization of an activity is just as important, and often more important, than physically practicing the activity when it comes to skill improvement. The same holds true for anything we do in life. Envisioning yourself actually doing a particular activity anchors the traits you aspire to attain or that you admire in others.

You Can Do It!

Armed with that knowledge, I invite you to try an exercise that can be accomplished during meditation or any quiet moment when you can relax and focus.

Here is a technique that can be used in two ways:

  • You can use a future version of yourself, wherein you have already acquired the success, goals, growth, and learning you now seek.
  • Or you can use another person, cartoon hero, or mythological archetype as a model, emulating their attitudes, characteristics, or skills.

Choose which of the above ways would be most appropriate for achieving your goal. Then, work through the following steps:

  1. Imagine a future version of yourself standing in front of you. This version has already achieved the goals, gained the desired knowledge and skills, or removed the unwanted behaviors that you’re currently striving for.
  2. Examine that future person very carefully. How do they look and move? Observe their energy and anything else significant.
  3. Now step into that future body. Describe what it’s like to be inside that body.
  4. Step out of that future body and back into your own present body. Describe what it’s like to be back in your present body, noticing differences like lighter, heavier, darker, smaller, larger, sturdier, older, positive, confident, painful, etc.
  5. Step in and out several times, each time describing the sensations and perspective you observe.
  6. When you begin to notice little difference between the two bodies, or you find yourself not wanting to step back out of the future body, the technique is completed. Alternatively, you may want to bring desirable traits back into your present body.
  7. Finish with self-affirming reinforcements that enable you to remain in this frame of mind, perspective, or sense of being as you progress into the future. You have started down the path to success, so motivate yourself with statements and mental images of what your end goal looks like. And remember: any time you slip out of that desired sense of being, simply remember what it’s like by closing your eyes and imagining it once again.

By following this simple protocol, you can begin to plant the desired change in your subconscious. Through this act of commitment, you will notice differences almost immediately. And as the subconscious mind continues to address the desired changes and improvements, your health, happiness, and opportunities will continue to flourish exponentially!