A New You for a New Year

Beyond champagne parties and the ball dropping in Times Square, the concept most linked to New Year’s is the (dreaded) Resolution. As we make our waythrough the holidays, we are always dancing on that time line that will culminate January 1st, when we resolve to trade our self-defeating habits for ones that will bring us greater health, joy, and prosperity.

While there are many ways to get there – diets, exercise, budgets – and a wide range of means to support our efforts – coaches, counselors, trainers, and so on –  there is one universal technique that just may make the journey to your goals a bit easier – and perhaps more fun!

The Role Model technique is an anchoring protocol that allows you to obtain traits that you admire in others, or traits that you imagine you will have when you accomplish your goals.

This is a powerful tool used to reinforce new behaviors at the culminations of hypnotherapy and NLP sessions, and now you can obtain the benefits from this simple self-hypnosis on your own.

Imagine a future version of yourself, wherein you have already acquired the success, goals, growth, and learning that you now seek. Imagine the nature of the attitudes, characteristics, or skills you would have.

Imagine that future version of yourself standing in front of you. A version of yourself who has already achieved your desired goals, gained the desired knowledge and skills, or removed the unwanted behaviors.

Look at that future person. Notice how you look and move. Observe your energy and anything else about you. Now close your eyes, take a breath, and step into that future body as you count to three.

Notice what it is like to be inside that body – the feelings, posture, attitudes, thoughts, confidence, movements, and anything else you notice.

At the count of three, step out of that future body and back into your own present body here.
Describe to yourself what it is like to be back in your present body. Continue to step in and out several times, each time describing the sensations and perspectives you observe, along with the qualitative differences between the two bodies.

When you begin to notice that there is little difference, or that you don’t want to step back out of that new version, it is complete.

Ask yourself which version of you is more aligned with the bright shining spirit that you were created to be. It would be understandable that you would want to remain aligned with your truest and highest self. So, practice being in this new perspective. Remember that anytime that you feel that you have slipped out of that desired sense of being, you simply have to remember what it is like, by closing your eyes and imagining it. And, once again, step into that new you on the count of three.

This is a useful tool that can be applied in many situations. For instance, this technique will assist in a weight loss goal by allowing the evolved version of you to lead you through the day, making the proper food and exercise choices.

Imagine all the ways that life could be easier and goals achieved more readily when you move through your challenges as though you are comfortable and have practiced a long time!

How will you use this Role Model technique to achieve your New Year’s Resolution?