I just returned from a three night vision quest spent alone meditating on my life and my path.

What a treat to go deeply into the questions, given by the leader, that provided the opportunity to discover new and exciting things about myself.

My quest has always been to learn more and acquire new skills. But there is an easier way in some cases. That is to remember the skills, knowledge, and wisdom that were already gained in previous lifetimes.

During this recent experience I became aware of a psychic talent I had mastered in a previous lifetime. That is, being able to “see” another person’s etheric, astral, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, in addition to their physical bodies. In order to do that, I have to access my own  body on each of those levels so that I can use the “eyes” or visual sensing apparatus that is on that level.

So, understanding the concept in general, I decided to do a past life regression to access a lifetime when I was fully capable of that skill.

I quickly found myself as a 2 year old girl, in a cottage with my mother and my grandmother. They were spinning yarn, and making different remedies and concoctions. Even at that young age, I was fascinated with their activities and trying to help out.

As I grew older, they would give me easy chores to do, including grinding herbs and mixing solutions and ointments. I remembered going to a convent to obtain honeycomb and honey for cosmetics and medicine. The nuns encouraged me to become one of them, but I knew my path to be more along the lines of my mother and grandmother, creating herbal remedies and addressing life and health on many more levels.

As a teen, I had developed a strong talent for reading people on all levels – physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, spiritual, and preternatural. People came from all over to have me peer into their various “other” bodies to determine the cause of issues in this world. We knew then, as we know now, that this physical world is simply a reflection of all those other levels.

To fully heal here, we must address all those bodies as seriously and thoroughly as we address the physical body.

As I experienced providing readings in that lifetime, I was able to understand this talent even better and bring back the knowledge and feeling of it even as I came back into the awareness of this present life.

It will be easier to practice it here, now that I have conscious recollection of fully doing it in the past lifetime. I am still accessing that past life and bringing those memories and her energy closer to me.

What talents and skills do you remember (or suspect) having in past lives? How do you think your life will be different if you were to experience those skills firsthand and bring them back for use today?


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