In July of 2012 I attended a week-long retreat at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. It was a wonderful experience in so many ways. The facility is comfortable and the surroundings are bucolic – pastures, farmland, ponds, forests, rolling hills, plus they have built a labyrinth and placed an eight foot crystal nearby. We met and listened to discussions with some of the big names in remote viewing, astral projection, and hemi-sync technology – Skip Atwater, Joe McMoneagle, and Ed May.

We experienced about 5 hours of meditation each day, using hemi-sync brainwave technology with voice overs from the late Robert Monroe.

A lot of Monroe’s guidance is similar to what we use in hypnotherapy; the sound technology takes it to a deeper level much quicker. Incorporating some of the concepts that I learned in the retreat, I am now delivering a more rapid version of an induction for those clients who who have previously experienced trance states. We get there faster, leaving more time to explore their memories or apply healing protocols to achieve the goals set out for the session.

I have also begun to present this rapid method to groups, to instruct them in ways to achieve a deep state of meditation, whether guided or on their own. This workshop is presently called Altered States of Consciousness and has been presented at Bellevue College and at East West Bookshop in Seattle.

The protocol is basically three steps:

  1. Envision a large box. Pour all your troubles, worries, mind chatter, and self-doubts into this box. Close the lid and lock it.
  2. Imagine standing in a ray of light that surrounds you and penetrates your cells. It energizes and protects you.
  3. Imagine standing in front of you is a version of you that is fully capable of the traits you would like to have: psychic sight, confidence, courage, clear memories, etc. When the vision of them is clear, imagine stepping into them so your feet are in their feet, your hands in their hands, and you are looking out at the world through their eyes and their energy field.

From here you can begin your work or go into your meditation. It takes about 1-2 minutes to accomplish the whole “induction”. This is the first step in the protocol. There are two more steps that deepen the experience and allow you to go even further very quickly. Once the entire protocol is learned, it is easy to incorporate into your personal meditations or into your hypnotherapy practice for your clients.

It has been amazingly effective! To learn the entire protocol, please attend one of the workshops or contact me for further information.

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    • Jean-Jacques Richard

      Hi Mary Lee
      This 3 step rapid version protocol to prepare for meditation is great. I tried it once already. I take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful and successful new year. Thank you for your help and inspiration.
      Best regards.
      Jean-Jacques Richard
      Sacramento CA

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