Achieving Weight Loss – Tip #1

Obesity has become a major issue in the United States, and is especially alarming among school age children. While we may not all be classified as obese, losing weight or at least maintaining our desired weight has become a national obsession.

If you have found that diet and exercise alone have not been enough to achieve your goals, you may be interested in discovering a few new techniques that will allow you to uncover and overcome self-sabotaging blocks, and give you handy tools to support your efforts.

I have seven tips for achieving your weight loss goals. Here is Tip #1:

1 – Know what is important to you

Values are that which you love, cherish, or wish to gain or keep in your life.  A proper, rationally-designated value system is vital in creating a life that is successful in all areas.

By thoughtfully listing in order all the people, things, and activities that are important to you, and understanding the hierarchy of the positions, you will know better how to behave, respond to others, make choices, determine your purpose and your goals, and so forth.

This, in turn, will support your decisions about exercise, food, and other lifestyle choices. When you truly understand that your long term weight loss goals are more important than eating sweets, your decision to refuse the temptations will become so much easier and natural.

To set up your Personal Value System, click on the link below.

Value System