Achieving Weight Loss – Tip #4

Obesity has become a major issue in the United States, and is especially alarming among school age children. While we may not all be classified as obese, losing weight or at least maintaining our desired weight has become a national obsession.

If you have found that diet and exercise alone have not been enough to achieve your goals, you may be interested in discovering a few new techniques that will allow you to uncover and overcome self-sabotaging blocks, and give you handy tools to support your efforts.

I have seven tips for achieving your weight loss goals. Here is Tip #4

4 – Empower Yourself

The Empowerment Symbol is a powerful means for quickly reconnecting with desired states of emotion or perception. It is classified as an “anchoring” technique, as quickly moving you from feelings of deficiency, and anchoring you in more desirable states of courage, confidence, and so forth.

The concept of the Empowerment Symbol developed when it was naturally produced during a session in my office. The client had conjured a strong positive emotional response that was appropriate to anchor as a gift and future resource. This has since become a useful and versatile contribution to the practice of hypnotherapy.

Eliciting the Empowerment Symbol

  • Determine the trait that you desire to access, such as discipline or courage.
  • Remember a previous time when you have experienced that feeling.
  • Enhance that feeling, using as many modalities as possible – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, emotions, memories, imagination, etc.
  • Ask your subconscious mind to produce for you a symbol, a metaphorical object, which represents this feeling. Such an object may be a sun, moon, stone, star, waterfall, bird or globe.
  • Examine and describe the object – its size, weight, color, texture, and so forth.

Remember to practice visualizing the symbol whenever you desire to experience the power of those traits it represents. You may also create new and different Empowerment Symbols for each trait, or to be used in different circumstances.