Achieving Weight Loss – Tip #6

Obesity has become a major issue in the United States, and is especially alarming among school age children. While we may not all be classified as obese, losing weight or at least maintaining our desired weight has become a national obsession.

If you have found that diet and exercise alone have not been enough to achieve your goals, you may be interested in discovering a few new techniques that will allow you to uncover and overcome self-sabotaging blocks, and give you handy tools to support your efforts.

I have seven tips for achieving your weight loss goals. Here is Tip #6

6 – Manifest Your Desired Future

We are all successful magicians. Where we are right now in our lives represents the full sum of all our energy, decisions, choices, focus, drive, and passion. Each choice you have made was based on the best resources you had at the time, given the knowledge and circumstances at hand. You have manifested your life to be exactly what it is.

You know how to manifest – and yet there are ways to focus and increase that power and set yourself on course to get what you want even more than what you have now.

Imagine what you could do if you set your sites higher. What would life be like if your power to manifest was based on your new understanding of your values? What would change in your life if you were to focus your thoughts and energy on your true highest dreams and desires, with nothing tugging at you to waver or slow down?

Choose an object to represent your weight loss goals. This object may be a stone or a piece of jewelry or even a version of your empowerment symbol. In your imagination, allow your object to be endowed with all the attributes that represent your full intention. These may include strength, courage, determination, will power, self-love, images of your new body shape, and so forth. Carry this object with you, and touch it, hold it, look at it, frequently throughout each day.