Achieving Weight Loss – Tip #7

Obesity has become a major issue in the United States, and is especially alarming among school age children. While we may not all be classified as obese, losing weight or at least maintaining our desired weight has become a national obsession.

If you have found that diet and exercise alone have not been enough to achieve your goals, you may be interested in discovering a few new techniques that will allow you to uncover and overcome self-sabotaging blocks, and give you handy tools to support your efforts.

I have seven tips for achieving your weight loss goals. Here is Tip #7

7 – Check with Your Medical Practitioner

Having determined your values, removed obstacles to your goals, empowered yourself, and begun to manifest your intentions, the pathway is fully open to your weight loss success!

Choosing a meal and exercise plan that suits your health profile will be vital to the program.

Studies have shown there are links between weight retention and stress, thyroid and adrenal function, and many other factors that need proper consideration.

A lot of time and struggle may be averted by getting solid professional assistance from a qualified nutritionist, bio-feedback specialist, allergist, or other medical professional. A simple, yet personalized, adjustment to your medication, supplements, or food choices, could make a significant difference in the ease of shedding those unwanted pounds.