A man came to my office because he was afraid of heights. He couldn’t even climb a household ladder.

In the session, I asked him to go back to a time when he experienced this fear. He told me he had trouble going out on balconies, and had trouble even climbing a ladder to change a light bulb or paint.

I asked him to go back further, and immediately he found himself in a wagon train going from the east coast to the wild, wild west. He was traveling with his wife, who was one of the only females in the group.

There were many single men who wanted to have a female companion. One day he took a walk with three men. Suddenly, they grabbed him and pushed him over a cliff.

Naturally that was a traumatic experience that stuck with him, and was still creating subconscious tremors. While we generally have to apply additional techniques for desensitization, in this case  it was enough to simply view that lifetime to get relief. Just being aware of the circumstances of that lifetime, and separating those experiences from his experiences here, was enough for him to be free of this debilitating fear.

I saw this man about three months later, and he reported that he was able to freely climb ladders and enjoy a life free of his fear of heights.