Anytime Pattern Release and Grounding Exercise

How frequently during the day our energy can feel stagnant or resistant. Sometimes a refocus and a stretch can restore our mind and body, bringing our energy into better balance and flow.

Here is an exercise you might like:

Begin by taking three deep breaths. Stand and raise your hands high over your head. Stretch up as high as you can. Think about how you are stretching your outlook and perspectives, and growing in body, mind, and spirit.

Now bend over and reach to the floor. Reflect on how flexible you are in body and mind, and how ready you are to release old, outdated thoughts and perspectives.

Stand again and gently twist to the right and to the left, thinking about how easy it is to make desired changes in your life.

Now march in place, swinging your arms across your body (cross crawl). This helps to ground you and connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
Take three more deep breaths.