Are you an Individual?

By definition, an individual is incapable of being divided. Like an atom, an true individual would be indivisible, unable to be divided or separated from itself. It takes a lot of work and self-knowledge to be indivisible.

Do you ever experience inner conflict? Indecision? Have contradictory thoughts or opinions? Are you easily swayed to the perspectives of another, more persuasive, person? Do you make a decision and then change your mind, or regret it?

If so, you are not alone. Most of the population would answer “yes” to at least one of those questions if they were being honest with themselves.

Contradictions can include a battle between one thought (or opinion) and another. Or a breach between your thought (or philosophy, value) and your action. Or it could be a conflict between your thoughts and your emotions.

Thought vs. thought. Every idea has a corollary consequence that must be considered and included in the thinking process. Perhaps you think it is a good policy to pass laws forcing people who are wealthy producers to give away their earnings to the non-producers. The operative word is force, which is what a law does. If you carry that philosophy out to the end, it means that you condone armed robbery. If you can use the law to force people to act against their own values, then you condone force against people in all its forms. Then, you may say it is OK to steal from the ATM machine as long as you give it to a poor person. Then, you may as well agree that it is OK to rob anyone as long as you think you need it more than the person who has earned it.

If you agree to the original concept of passing the law to force a person against their will, and think that you do not believe the rest of that statement, then you are actively segmenting your consciousness and creating a breach in your soul as an individual. You are divisible.

Thought vs. action. If you think you are health-conscious, but step outside for a cigarette, you are also divided. You may go to the gym and watch your calories, but then you sabotage your health. You may be able to rectify the two, but it cannot be under the banner of health-conscious. Perhaps it is that you have a quest to look cool with your fit body and your laid back smoking persona. But then you have to name it for what it really is. Or be divided in your consciousness.

Thought vs. emotion. You may think you have high standards in friends and lovers, but then you settle for someone who is abusive or not really a good match for you. You know better, but you justify your choice because  your emotions are vacillating between lonely, desperate, fearful, insecure, embarrassed, and so forth. You are divisible.

It takes work to look at all these things in ourselves. It can be frightening to think we may find weaknesses…and we will find weaknesses. We all have them. But as you may well know by now, if you fill the holes with something else—a bad relationship, justification for behaviors, smugness that you are saving the world when you are really destroying it—then you are not an individual.

The consequence of this is not just living another mediocre life, avoiding the pain and work. It is a breach in your soul that you carry through lifetimes, and perhaps have been for many already. And that breach can offer a foothold to negative bullies in human form, and negative spiritual influences.

When you are divisible, you can be pushed around, swayed, manipulated, used. So if you feel any of those things, you can work your way back through the process and figure out where the breach is.

If you need help with that, I am specially trained to help you detect these contradictions and set you on a path of wholeness. To be an individual once again.

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