We are a conglomeration or collection of many aspects – or lifetimes – that we have experienced. All of them are in play right now – not only as memories, but also as active, vital components. This is better understood now with the new concepts of time/space. (All time is now)

If we believe in other worlds we would always be striving to have a greater connection with those realms. A blind person believes there is something out there in the physical, even though they can’t see it. Therefore, they hold their hands out to prevent themselves from running into something. We say we believe in other worlds and other lifetimes, but do little or nothing to navigate those realms.

If we believe in past lives, really, we would work to remember these aspects of ourselves.

Remembering all of who you are is fundamental to personal growth and awareness, spiritual and soul growth – and raising consciousness. How can you be fully conscious if you don’t really know or understand who you are.

And not only having conscious knowledge of those lifetimes, but also integrating those aspects of you and your previous experience – wisdom, and education – into who you are today.

Are we acting in harmony with all our other lifetimes, or in dissonance? Are we supporting the purpose and efforts gained in past lives, or bringing the whole thing to a halt, or actually tearing apart the growth or accomplishments of the previous efforts?

Awareness and integration of as many aspects of self as possible is vital for the most rapid advancement of soul and purpose.