Astrology in the Counseling Session

A person’s natal astrology chart provides an array of information that can be very useful to coaching and therapy sessions. The chart may provide a type of roadmap of the personality strengths and challenges that can suggest pertinent conversations and direction for a productive session.

When the natal chart is combined with the present day planetary transits, it can give an accurate indication of the issues the client is facing at present.

In the early years, I would consult an Ephemeris to make a quick assessment of the locations of the planets at birth. Now, I can quickly draw up a sophisticated chart on my computer, complete with transits, and all sorts of other details.

Although there are no claims to absolute, unfailing accuracy, from a person’s astrological chart one might discover the following tendencies:

•    Basic personality
•    Communication styles
•    Learning and thought processing
•    Approach to values, finances, money and spending
•    Favored subjects of interest
•    Career choice and direction
•    Relationships with mother and father
•    Emotional make-up and reactions
•    Compatibility with others
•    Spirituality leanings

Abbreviated meanings of the planets are as follows:

Sun – Will, ego, drive, willpower, ambition, constitution. Sun, together with Mars, may give indications of the relationship the client has with their father, or with the husband in a woman’s chart.

Moon — Emotional responses, subconscious, dreams, imagination, sensitivity, inner personality, romantic tendencies, addictions, cycles. The Moon, together with Venus, may indicate the relationship the client has with their mother, or with the wife in a man’s chart.

Mercury — Communication, thinking processes, expression, approach to learning, memory skills, creativity, susceptibility to trance, approach to structure.

Venus — Values, handling of finances, appreciation of art and beauty, spiritual and religious tendencies, vanity, capacity for love. A man’s ideal of a woman, and his views of his own ‘feminine’ side. A woman’s view of her feminine attributes and role as a woman.

Mars — Energy, drive, aggressiveness, career choices, sex drive, action. How a person handles anger.  A woman’s ideal of a man, and her views of her own ‘masculine’ side. A man’s view of his masculinity and role as a man.

Jupiter — Spiritual tendencies, expansion, good luck.

Saturn — Restrictions, discipline, rules and regulations, tradition, maturity.

Neptune — Illusions and delusions, mysticism, confusion, escapism, psychic awareness.

Uranus — Unconventional, originality, disruptions, surprise, inventiveness.

Pluto — Deep transformation, the price that is extracted.

What does your chart say about you?