Awareness through Dreams and Metaphors

Daydreams are a perfect example of auto-hypnosis. When you daydream you have put yourself into a natural state of trance, allowing for creative imagination, relaxed contemplation, and productive problem-solving.

Dreams occuring during sleep provide a means for our  unconscious mind’s to communicate a distinct and personal message to our conscious mind. When we have a dream, we are often fascinated by the symbols, and are interested in determining their meaning. We instinctively know there is something deeper than just the haphazard, and oftentimes, bizarre, imagery that is presented.

Yet, dreams are only one method that the mind uses to communicate its message. Another way is through our bodies. Let’s take a step back from our normal perceptions, and imagine, for a moment, the “bigger picture”.
We are each a spirit, a soul, that has acquired a body to use for a given lifetime. A useful visualization may be to see ourselves slipping into this body, as one might slip into a glove. We are still a spirit, yet now we have sensory matter all around us that can communicate messages to our greater consciousness about the world in which we find ourselves. We can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear our environment.
Likewise, our greater consciousness has the same medium, the body, to use in communicating its messages to our conscious awareness that is focused here in the physical. The body will indicate our mental and spiritual states through emotions and physical symptoms. When we listen to such messages – and take decisive action to make corrections when necessary – we have the opportunity to avoid uncomfortable symptoms or even terminal illness.
Daydreams combine relaxed, focused trance states and imagination to calmly and creatively sort through issues. Dreams provide direct communication between the unconscious and conscious minds, using metaphors and imagery. Similarly, our physical aches and pains, illnesses and diseases, are metaphorical messages with a distinct purpose of warning of danger, stress, or needed change.
In our busy lives, we frequently ignore the intuitive knowledge that we receive from the subconscious realms. When this occurs, the signals have to become bolder, louder, or more tangible. If they continue to be ignored, the body weakens from the stress caused by that signal, and begins to show symptoms of illness and disease, whether mental, emotional or physical.
When awareness has been achieved, a person has the option to act upon that knowledge, oftentimes with the assistance of a qualified hypnotherapist, bringing about the changes that result in a healthier, happier lifestyle.