December 2017

Soulescence: Salon
December 14, 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Mercer Island Public Library
4400 88th Ave SE
Mercer Island WA 98040

For serious participants who are ready for soul growth and community. Wisdom teachings, discussions, personal self-discovery, soul searching, and trance states for deeper exploration of self and spiritual connections. Open to all at present. No charge – donations that represent your value of the experience are welcome.

Soulescence ™: Authenticity and Purpose
Saturday, December 30, 2017, 12:00-4:00pm

Stargazers Bookshop
12727 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA

Register: 425-885-7289 Note: Please register in advance so we have enough materials 

Prepare for the New Year by elevating your life from “getting by” to “WOW!”  Get on a solid path for your spiritual growth, starting wherever you are at present, novice or advanced. You already know it is important to be the change you wish to see in the world.  When you are healthy and living from a place of purpose, you naturally contribute to the betterment of your own life and the lives of those you influence. Learn and experience distinct steps for clarity around your purpose, and how to rapidly move to higher ground with author and spiritual coach, Mary Lee LaBay, based on 30+ years of her personal and professional experience. Break through that feeling of being lost and disconnected. You know it is time to connect with your soul, essence, and purpose—and engage with the powerful, radiant, unique person you were created to be.

During this highly experiential workshop, you will: Gain valuable clues and sustainable skills through exercises, guided meditation, and small group discussion, Get in touch with who you are as a soul, and why you may be playing it small Identify your top values and priorities, Learn action steps to gain and maintain what is most important to you and your soul, Remove blocks that keep you disconnected from yourself, others, and your life mission, Explore past lives where you were expressing your purpose, Enjoy a guided visualization and receive an energetic gift to support the authentic and empowered version of yourself.

Launch into 2018 empowered to live more fully in your authenticity and purpose!  Please register early so we can prepare your handout. Consider bringing a notebook or journal and any snacks you may want for our break. 

January 2018

Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression
January 20-21 and February 24-25, 8:00am- 5:00pm
Studio Beju, Duvall, WA

You are invited to take part in a revolutionary approach to helping your clients achieve personal self-awareness, spiritual growth, and breakthroughs to attaining their soul’s purpose and walking their best path.Guiding your clients through past lives and the time between lives allows them to gain solid information about who they are, their talents and gifts, their challenges and “baggage”. It provides clues to purpose, deepens understanding of relationships, reveals hidden causes of health issues, and so much more.

March 2018

Explore Your Past Lives
March 2, 7:30-9:00pm 
East West Bookshop
6407 12th Ave. NE, Seattle

Exploring your past lives can have more significant value than just touring your memories. Discover the amazing odyssey of the soul as it moves in and out of physical lifetimes. Based on research with over a thousand clients plus her own experiences, author and spiritual coach Mary Lee LaBay brings you the latest information concerning:
• The 3 most important reasons for recalling and integrating soul aspects.
• What are hub aspects and how they affect your purpose.
• How healing can occur in other lifetimes to resolve issues now.
• How to increase your energetic mass and your personal authenticity for greater empowerment and success.

Half of the class time will be spent in an experiential visualization that allows you to safely explore one or more of your own past lives and the time between lives. Please register early so enough handouts are available, dress comfortably, and bring a journal.

Past Lives, Authenticity & Purpose
March 2, 7:30-9:00pm 
East West Bookshop
6407 12th Ave. NE, Seattle

Join Mary Lee LaBay, 5-time author and internationally recognized past life regressionist and trainer, as she guides you deep into your personal memories and experiences to discover your authenticity and purpose.

Past life regression is often viewed as a stroll through memory lane, but it has the potential to be much more than that. It is a direct and powerful way to expand your consciousness without mind-altering pharmaceuticals. It is a quick and efficient way to get to the core of many present day issues, or to the deepest understanding of relationships. Importantly, past life exploration provides clarity around a person’s soul purpose, and is a necessary step in self-awareness and authenticity.

During today’s workshop, take a deeper dive into guided regressions that focus on bringing you closer to your authentic self. Additional activities will further serve to awaken you to a greater sense of your soul’s purpose and the goals you set out to achieve when you chose to come into this life, at this time, in your present family.

Why are you here in this life? What are you supposed to be doing? How can you align with the higher purpose shared by multiple aspects of your soul? What do you imagine it will feel like when these become clear?

When you integrate your present life with increasing numbers of your past lives, you will experience greater empowerment, stability, focus, and certainty of purpose and direction. This in turn leads to greater powers of manifestation and influence to create the positive changes you wish to see in the world.


Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive
March 18-23, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Studio Beju, Duvall, WA

Is it your desire to start a new career as a hypnotherapist or add “Certified Hypnotherapist” to your credential to take your current holistic practice to a whole new level? Or maybe you are ready to enjoy life-enhancing changes and expansive growth in your personal life. You are invited to explore this revolutionary approach to client-centered wellness so you can assist people in making their ives better, while playing an important part in making this a better world to inhabit.

May 2018

Hypnotherapy: Spiritual Exploration
May 4-6, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Location: TBD – Bellevue, WA

Modified from indigenous and shamanic traditions, these protocols provide a clear channel of communication with the higher consciousness, the opportunity to retrieval energy and soul fragments that have been lost or given away, and the long-awaited relationship with cherished spiritual guides. All this seamlessly delivered in a non-threatening, clinical hypnotherapy environment that is nurturing for anyone from the most conservative executive to the most soulful seeker. It is an honor and delight to provide these experiences to those in need of a greater soul connectionspiritual awakening, and stepping onto the path of their soul’s desire.

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