While exploring past lives, we are following the lineage of an individual’s soul while it moves in and out of its various lifetimes. This is, of course, different from tracing a person’s family tree. However, in certain instances there may be a very interesting combination when an individual’s sequence of past lives appears on a particular family tree more than once.

What I am referring to is when a family member dies, and then reincarnates as their own descendant. We hear speculations of this when a mother may notice that their child has strong traits of a deceased relative. But these are guesses that could also be attributed to genetics or family behavioral traits. Through past life regression and other hypnotic techniques, we are able to discover or verify when this has occurred.

It is impossible to determine how frequently a person may incarnate as his own descendant. In my own practice, however, I have encountered clients who remembered being part of their own family trees, for example, their own great-grandmother. Clients have also reported a deceased grandparent or another ancestor reincarnating as one of their own children in their present lifetime. Reincarnating into the same family is unnecessary, in any case, because of the history and evolution of the soul, including the past life lineage, generally has little or nothing to do with one’s genetic heritage or family ancestry.

The reasons why an individual may choose to reincarnate into the same family, may include a strong soul connection to the family members, a strong emotional attachment to the family, and the ability to further their purpose through incarnating in that family.

On a related topic, family members will frequently reincarnate together, but into a different family tree. So you may encounter your loved ones over and over again, but each time you may be incarnating into a different genetic family.

In conclusion, it is certainly possible to incarnate into the same family, yet it is not required when other choices are deemed important for the soul’s progress and purpose. While you are likely to encounter your loved ones frequently throughout your many lifetimes, you will likely find yourselves on new family trees.