Past Life regression is a subject that is gaining greater popularity in the western world, even though it has been considered a natural part of life for many cultures. As we explore past lives, we must consider the various stages of transformation that would be inherent in that progression through life, death, and back again.

In this two-part article, we will explore a little known or considered part of reincarnation: the choices that are required and how we make them.

The experiences that we have before being born are many and varied. The information that is presented here has been derived from numerous regression sessions with clients.

As in any phase of existence, many choices have to be considered. Your decision-making skills will be called to task, and may be the single most important factor in choosing the time and location of this or any other lifetime.

Choosing the birth time and place can be highly complicated. It involves choosing the parents, the environment, the siblings, the opportunities, the location, and the date. It may be of importance to consider the parent’s health and genetic make-up. One may or may not be aware of past life or soul connections to the prospective family members, or use that as a consideration. Some spirits may be concerned about the astrological influences and the numerology of the date or the name.

Strategies of birth can be as complex as a game of chess, or as simple as picking a lottery number and crossing your fingers. It will be your choice. It will ultimately always be your choice.

Sensing the situation

Most people who have recalled this pre-birth period report having some notion about the parents and the environment into which they have chosen to be born. Though I will warn you that it is not always the case. Sometimes the spirit is unaware or just doesn’t care, because their values are elsewhere. Or worse, their awareness is not well enough developed.

For those who are more aware of their experiences, and are making the best choices possible, there is much more conscious awareness throughout the process. While regressing to memories of the time in the womb, there is generally clarity around the emotions of the mother and the baby’s interpretation of the emotions that each parent feels toward the baby. The embryo typically has memory of conversations, arguments, activities, events, and situations, pleasant or unpleasant. They are clear about whether they feel wanted or loved. They also have clarity about whether there are conditions of fear, anger about the pregnancy, or the desire for or attempt at abortion.

Can we make mistakes?

Many factors can contribute to erroneous judgments in choosing a set of parents. As has been pointed out, the baby’s spirit can simply not pay attention to the details, slipping into the first available body.

Even with careful consideration, some mistakes can be made. Perhaps the parents were getting along fine without a child. That particular couple looked like they would provide a good family option. Then, with the stresses of having a baby, things start to fall apart. There are financial struggles, tension, abuse, divorce, or some other disadvantage.

Contrarily, a spirit may want so desperately to be with a specific person that they are willing to attach themselves to the newly forming embryo regardless of other factors. They haven’t considered that the mother to be is a mere child, or the father is unfit in some way. The spirit has allowed themselves to be blinded by their own emotions, possibly making a severe mistake.

A client of mine with a difficult family life wanted to understand why she would have made the choice to be a part of it. She learned that she loved both the parents deeply and wanted them to learn about love. She knew that they were not getting along very well, and she had high hopes that when she was born the parents would focus on their love for her, and override their own dysfunctional relationship.

The plan backfired. The birth of the baby only brought on much deeper problems between them. The anger and abuse was taken out on the baby girl. Having that information didn’t make her life experiences any less damaging for her. However, this knowledge allowed her to view her choice as a heroic act of love and purpose, even though it failed in some respects.

Do people choose violent families?

Similar to the above situation, a person may think they are choosing a good situation and then it goes sour. It could simply have been a mistake. However, in some cases, the spirit will choose to come into a lifetime that they know will involve violence. This decision can be based on their need to fulfill a purpose rather than a simple desire to experience violence.

They may be trying to teach love over violence, and they are unsuccessful. On the other hand, they may choose to put themselves into that difficult situation to teach the parent the consequences of violence, such as incarceration, regret, and karmic repercussions.

In some cases, the child may be choosing a difficult situation in order to teach themselves the effects of pain, and provide the opportunity to learn compassion, strength, independence, non-violence, or fairness.

In the somewhat rare case of a dysfunctional spirit incarnating, they may come into a difficult situation with the express purpose of reinforcing negative behaviors, and giving themselves a justification for future violent behavior. This may seem extraordinary to the average citizen. It is sad, and it is true.

Examples of what I term dysfunctional spirits may include those souls who incarnated and went on to become serial killers or war mongers. Imagine the future lifetimes of Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolph Hitler, Osama bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein, if they have not been truly rehabilitated before death?

Few case studies are available which will substantiate this information, as typically the people who are interested in past life regression are also interested in spiritual growth. Those souls who would choose to justify their violence would have a hard time facing the information that they would discover during a hypnosis session. If they do agree to go through such therapy, they are well on their way to making positive changes in their consciousnesses.

Choosing lessons, not families

Sometimes the spirit is less concerned about their birth family, focusing more closely on the availability of some opportunity or lesson for their own soul. Their goal is to accomplish a purpose rather than to be with specific people.

Any individual may have many different levels of purpose and a multitude of reasons for their choices. Making the decision to come into a given life based on a desire to accomplish a life goal indicates that the spirit is choosing a possibly challenging situation that will promote their spiritual growth. The goal of such a decision would be in promoting an ultimately more enjoyable and valuable existence and the expansion of their consciousness. Living with our shortcomings and failures is a form of hell, while promoting our life, even through difficult challenges, is creating heaven.

While it is possible for a spirit to learn while in the astral, the testing of that new knowledge happens during a physical manifestation. It is meaningless to be morally upstanding in your mind when your behaviors reveal the opposite.

The superconscious mind of the spirit is fully cognizant of which lessons are indicated for an individual. However, self-reflection is frequently difficult. Therefore, spirit guides are often brought into the discussion, and deferred to for assistance in the decision making process.

Agreeing to have a difficult or challenging lifetime can be a daunting decision to make. Yet, avoiding our lessons only prolongs the process, and may draw other challenges to the individual. All the lessons have to be learned by every individual eventually. There are ways to get it faster or easier, but the tests truly have to be passed. There is no faking it. If we claim to have it right, but are only avoiding reality, the lesson will simply show up in a subsequent lifetime. Our subconscious mind will continue to provide opportunities to get it right.

We continue to fail our tests until we get them right, at which time the test will no longer be noticed. We will sail through it without a bump in the road. Until then, even if we die in the learning process, the obstacle will continue to present the opportunity to learn.

Our Common Purpose

The one common purpose that all humans share is to ensure our consciousness and existence. Without those two qualities, our souls cannot continue. We enhance our existence and expand our consciousness through varied experiences, whether pleasant or challenging. In general, the more challenging circumstances that we face, the greater the growth opportunity available to us.

Consider this activity: Each day ask yourself, “How am I feeding my consciousness, my soul, today?” and “How am I ensuring my existence?”