In a discussion on my private Facebook page, reserved for students and graduates of my professional training programs, the question was raised about the difference between using the term Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist in referring to what we do.

My friend, Giavonne Mitchell, articulated this so well that I requested permission to quote her here:

“The standard cliche: Hypnotist: Someone who uses direct/applied mental programming on another for a predetermined outcome. The Hypnotist is in control and directs, while the client is a passive receiver of programming.

NOTE: A hypnotist may also act outside of the will of whomever they are hypnotising, while a Hypnotherapist is always aware of his/her role as sherpa. So I like to think of what we do as being Emotional and Transpersonal Sherpas.

Hypnotherapist: A person who guides a client into heightened self-observation to allow the client a means of personal and transpersonal awakening. The process is fluid and unscripted, allowing the client to co-create their desired outcome.

Thank you, Giavonne, for this clarification. Here’s to the Sherpas of the world!

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