Communicating with Your Spirit Guides

The techniques of hypnosis that allow us to create change and healing, as well as explore past life memories, are the same that can be applied to the conscious effort of developing and strengthening your connection to your spirit guides and with loved ones who have already passed on.

In my own sphere of influence there has recently been more than the usual number of people coming to me to communicate with loved ones they have lost or those who are trying to make a conscious connection with their spirit guides. I find it useful to pay attention to those trends that appear in my life and in my work, using them as a catalyst to increase my knowledge or sharpen my skills in a particular area of study.

There are common issues that my clients encounter when they are attempting to communicate with their spirit guides, or disincarnate loved ones. They include impatience, blocks, and overwhelming emotions.

Impatience becomes a problem when attempts are made or questions are asked, yet no time is spent in quiet, receptive readiness to receive an answer. This can be overcome by simply sitting, with a quiet mind, exploring all your sensory receptors, seeking any evidence of change or sensation. Sometimes the response comes as a knowing, sometimes as a subtle change in energy, or perhaps as a tingle, twitch, poke, breeze, or shiver. Those “on the other side” are even known to influence nature and the environment.

In a recent session, my client stopped talking and focused out the window. She commented on the hawk in the tree. It was a rather large bird, perched in a nearby tree where I had never seen it before. I have witnessed it flying further down the valley and resting on a pine tree a block or so away. This was a rather unusual sighting to have it so close. And it appeared to be looking right back at us!

So I headed for my copy of Ted Andrew’s book “Animal Speak” and read that the hawk “awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose”. My client exclaimed that that was exactly why she had come for a session!

Simple, but effective signals!

Blocks are the most common deterrent to effective communication with the other side. They come in many forms. They may be expressed as a blockage or a barrier. We explore them using the sensory modalities: Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic.

We examine the imagined qualities of the metaphorical block – shape, color, texture, location, thickness, and so forth. Then we discover its positive purposes as well as its detrimental ones. Blocks are formed, at least originally, for a supposedly positive reason, such as protection.

A recent client expressed a burning desire to communicate with this wife who had passed on some years ago. He had everything going for him – desire, focus, determination, time, and other resources. Yet, the block was the last frontier to overcome. This particular block was visualized as similar to an eggshell that prevented the clear visual and auditory connection. For him, this block was described as being directly related to staying grounded, rational, and practical, blended with a dash of skepticism that the experiences he may be able to achieve during our session were going to be real or reliable.

Blocks such as these can be removed by exploring their uses and their drawbacks, and determining ways that the positive aspects of the block can still be provided in some other way that does not prevent the desired communication.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, when starting out in this practice, remember that it is, indeed, a practice. You wouldn’t expect to sit at the piano, mount a bike, speak a foreign language, or learn any other skill in minutes, hours, or even days. Practice is the key word here. And with practice, the skill is honed.

And a subset of a block is the third deterrent that I mentioned above: overwhelming emotions. It is a common occurrence to learn that our loved ones on the other side are very interested in communicating with us, yet they can’t come close because of the excessive grief, sadness, guilt, loneliness, anger, and other overwhelming emotions that the client is experiencing.

Several clients, upon inquiry, have admitted that they held on to the disharmonic emotions under the impression that keeping these emotions alive demonstrated their undying and faithful love for the lost one. These emotions do not demonstrate love nearly as effectively as love does! While it is understandable to have these emotions at first, it is also beneficial for all concerned to release them. Not even dead people want to hang around for long with someone who is despondent, depressed, guilt-ridden, or angry.

Think of it in terms of interpersonal relationships in the physical. Administering to a person with such profound negative emotions is much different from having a healthy conversation with a well-balanced friend or relative. All the worse when those negative expressions are being attributed to you! So, if you have died and left your loved ones in such a state, it is not a pleasant circumstance.

To experience a live class plus a guided meditation to communicate with your spirit guides, consider my 2-CD set, “Communicating with Spirit Guides”, or the more extensive workshop, “Discover Your Purpose – Walk Your Path”. both have complete meditations and instructions on developing and enjoying communication with your spirit guides.