Have you ever met someone for the first time, and instantly knew that you could be best friends? Or have you felt uneasy and guarded around someone who has not shown you any reason to have a negative response?

You may be experiencing messages from your subconscious mind, which stores all the information about your past lives.  You may be sensing previous relationships or dealings you have had with that person, even when you can’t remember on a conscious level. With past life regression available to you, you can explore those relationships and understand those responses to the people around you.

While observing past lives, it is common to recognize people in those experiences who are in your present life. The subconscious mind can even be programmed to guide you to a time when you have shared a life with a specific person. In doing so, you may discover a variety of relationships you have had with that person.

This work helps to explain challenges that cycle through a marriage or difficulties parents have with a particular child. This knowledge of past relationships also helps to explain why a mother and daughter may relate more as sisters or friends, while a pair of friends may take on the role of mother and daughter.

Your choices in mates and your manner of dealing with issues that surface within relationships may become clear after visiting other lives. You may learn that the person you felt that strong energy from, and later married in this lifetime, was a “villain” in a previous lifetime. Perhaps you interpreted the intense energy as a sign of your connection, and in the period of infatuation overlooked that the origin of the energy was a negative event. Similarly, the reasons why a person is easily able to trigger volatile reactions in you may become apparent when observing your roles with each other  in previous lives.

Whenever you meet someone with whom you will be closely involved—mate, boss, children, in-laws— it is wise to take the time to follow the memory of that energy back through the veils of time to discover the depth and true nature of the energy between you.

During a two-year period, together with a group of over a couple dozen peers, I engaged in a research project involving past life regression. We would pair up and facilitate regressions for each other, targeting specific periods in time. We would change partners, and collect information on several lifetimes, in many situations.

We discovered that we frequently incarnated together. We are all members of two soul groups who continuously help each other through our various incarnations. During the regressions, we recognized each other in those other lifetimes. One person might recognize someone as their brother, sister, mother, or boss. With no prior knowledge of those findings, another person in a separate, private session would recognize that same relationship as well. Independently performed regressions corroborated memories recalled of events, relationships, conditions, scenery, customs, clothing, and more.

Upon experiencing past life relationships with present life people, a person often notices alterations in their thoughts and emotions concerning the people around them. Once you have discovered other lifetimes shared with your parents, siblings, friends, mate, or children, your understanding of the dynamics between you will become deeper and fuller. You will have a better idea of why you are in the relationship, what lessons you may provide for each other, or what assistance you have agreed to give each other. The value placed on that other person grows. There is a stronger desire to resolve issues and respect the bond between you.

Even your encounters with strangers take on a new dimension. Who knows whether they played a significant role in one of your past lives? The postman, grocery clerk, or doctor may have been your mother, your best friend, or the cause of your demise in another time. That person cutting you off in traffic may have been your endearing yet rowdy best friend who simply wants to get your attention again.

After experiencing a number of regressions, it is possible to move closer to an honest recognition that the people who make up the humanity of this world are all a part of each other—all connected in some significant way. We have interacted with others in many ways and have taken various roles with each other throughout history. Our paths cross and our roles reverse.

With the understanding that each person we encounter may have been our parent, sibling, or spouse, we come to recognize the precious nature of every human. They each carry the potential of having served some important role in one or more of our lifetimes. Experiencing past life regressions encourages us to honor the divine in every soul.

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