Does This Spirit Guide Message Resonate With You?

What if you could fully engage in a conversation with a spirit guide who has your best interests at heart, who knows you perhaps better than you know yourself, and could light up the pathway that leads to your spiritual growth and the achievement of your highest purpose?

That happened for my client, recently.

She had become aware of her innate gift of healing, and had a strong urge to follow her heart to this fulfilling purpose. Yet, she also decided she would ease into it slowly. Fear was obstructing her from fully jumping in and positioning herself on her path of destiny. She was afraid of disrupting how people have viewed her, and losing the comfort of her present lifestyle.

Yet, the slow process of change was needling at her, and she was dissatisfied with how she felt about herself as she succumbed to the hesitation and fear.

In our session, she quickly accessed her spirit guide and received the inspiration and understanding that would allow her to leap forward onto her true path.

Starting our session, she went to her favorite safe space which was a meadow with tall grass. She felt relaxed and childlike as she ran her fingers along the tops of the grass. I asked more questions about that, suspecting a connection with this activity and her desire to enhance her abilities in hands-on healing.

Upon deeper reflection, she noticed that as she did that, her hands became like portals of energy and running them through the grass connected her to the earth, grounding her.

There was a willow tree in this scene and, within a hole in one of its knots, she discovered a large crystal wand. Taking it into her hands, she felt it amplify the intensity in her palms. She said she could use it to balance her own energy as well as that of others, on many levels. It brought her feelings of empowerment, maturity, an actualized sense of self, access to ancient wisdom, and transformed how she saw herself. With this in hand, she felt confident of what to do in any situation. She could become a healing vessel, whatever situation would arise.

From within the branches of the willow tree, she invited a spirit guide to join her. A bright young female arrived. Upon questioning, we learned that she was a messenger, but not the main spirit guide. She came to take my client to a forest clearing where she could meet her guides.

Arriving in the clearing, there were several guides waiting. The brightest one, a male, stepped forward and stated that he was her main guide. He had been with her for thousands of lifetimes, with the purpose of developing her gifts and potential, her destiny.

My client asked where she could begin. He suggested that she spend more time meditating and showing up to connect. He also said that she would need to let go of how she expected her path to unfold. She evidently had an expectation of how it would show up and how it would look.

She asked how she could develop her clairvoyance. Her guide said it would be a flip of a switch, and while she was close, she would have to let it happen. Not be held back by her fears. When she said her fears were around the lifestyle changes, he assured her that what she would experience on her true path would draw her in a deeper, more meaningful way. She admitted that she won’t be at peace with herself because the calling is already stronger and more compelling than the comfort of her lifestyle.20151204_220930

After more conversation and guidance, he looked at her and said, “Let’s do this.” My client said she trusted him and this calling, but that she still had her fears. He indicated that he is patient and tolerant, but is growing weary of waiting.

I asked my client to ask her guide if he would push her onto that path, beyond her boundaries and fears, if she were to ask. He said he would. And then she volunteered to ask him to push her, to speed up the progress, and get her past her fears. He agreed.

During our debrief my client admitted that she was relieved and feeling good about her decision. This had been festering in her, and she is ready to answer the call in a big way.

Does this session speak to you? Do you have fears of getting on your true path? Are you fully aware of what that even is? How do you image your spirit guide could assist you in becoming more aware of your purpose, and usher you to get moving in the right direction more quickly and efficiently?

Please let me know if you would like some expert assistance in making the connection to your guide, and gaining the life-long pleasure of a deep and meaningful relationship with them.