Duty – Do You Need Boundaries or an Attitude Adjustment?

When a person acts based on duty, it implies that their value system would dictate a different course of action.

Instead of making a choice based on your own best interests, are you being forced to act counter to your values and virtues?

Remember that sometimes we see a chore as a duty, but when examined more closely, we couldn’t morally act any other way.

An example is a client of mine. He was stressed about having to take care of his elderly parents and felt it a duty and a burden. When we discussed it in relationship to his values, he realized that it was actually quite an honor to care for his parents as they had cared for him growing up. He changed his attitude about this from an imposition on his time to a special gift of being able to spend time with his parents.

Do you need an attitude adjustment about your chores, or do you need boundaries when duty is imposed? It is worth examining.