Do you find that you give away your power to others? Does it slip away gradually and unnoticed, or have you handed over your power to another out of fear, in the name of love, or to simply resolve an uncomfortable situation quickly?

You are not alone. Most of us have done this in some way or another.

Sometimes it is done with the best of intentions. Think about what it takes to be a peacemaker at work, or a caretaker at home.

Sometimes our personal power is snatched away from us in an intimidating way such as persecution, war, bullying, abuse, and the like. As examples, it may show up in our lives when we

  • find ourselves setting aside our goals and desires for another
  • don’t make time for ourselves but are doing way too much for others
  • feel we can’t speak our mind or give our opinion
  • care more about getting approval from others than following our own judgments
  • feel invisible, unheard, unappreciated
  • act out of fear of retaliation or loss rather than from choices made to support our own values
  • have pent up anger, resentment, frustration, and/or low self-esteem

Diminished personal power may have its roots in a past life, or the process may have started in this one.

But why have personal power at all? Does it cause problems, intimidate others, or make you a pushy person? No. Not when carried properly.  Wielding your personal power in a healthy manner means that you can have presence, manifest easily, maintain boundaries, stand up for yourself, affect the change you wish to see in the world, and have the energy to create a life filled with achievement, joy, and well-being.

Steps to Regaining Your Personal Power

Regaining your lost personal power is a process. It begins with understanding your personal perspectives and patterns that have played a part in you giving it away or lose it. This identification is important, as are the steps to change your modus operandi. There is no “one size fits all” here. Everyone is an individual requiring personalized strategies.

Next we need to explore when and where it has happened in the past. Frequently, these patterns began in previous lifetimes, with reflections of that continuing to occur in the present one as well. Once discovered, we can begin to make corrections right at the source.

Finally, new healthy patterns are created and tested to see whether they will work better and whether they will hold up through present life events. If proven useable, the new pattern will allow you to maintain all your personal power while navigating your life path.

One of the most valuable strategies of building and maintaining personal power is to gather and fully integrate the memories of as many lifetimes as possible. This means that you not only know about those other lifetimes or have a sense of who you were, but to fully and seamlessly be one with those other incarnations. Rather than seeing your lifetimes as separate personalities and adventures, you see yourself as one and the same as when you were in those other bodies. By integrating all your aspects, you will feel yourself as more than the sum of all the individual lifetimes.

In this way, you:

  • make your decisions based on how they will affect you in all your aspects
  • can access the memories, wisdom, and knowledge that you have acquired even in those far away times
  • are able to recognize people you knew in other lifetimes, remember your relationships with them, and see their lives as one long continuum as well.
  • are energetically linked to all your aspects to make one larger, more powerful Being in yourself today.

When this has occurred, you are less likely to be pushed around by the prevailing winds, and less likely to lose or give away your personal power. You will be more solid, grounded, self-assured, wise, and empowered to create the life you truly imagine for yourself.

If you find that you have given away some or all of your personal power, or if you feel that you have remnants of past traumas that have diminished your full empowerment, it is never too late to recover that energy and state of Being. If you are ready to have assistance in recovering these lost parts of yourself, please set up a Discovery Call so we can discuss how I might assist you in achieving this goal.

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