Enjoy ~ In Joy

I continue to play with the concept and practice of staying in the Beingness of Intention, rather than in the Doingness of manipulating aspects of the tangible world to bring me what I think I want. I continue to be amazed.

As I stay focused on the intention – a state of being that I would consider to be ideal – I see the same need in people around me. And more specifically in my clients. There are so many reasons why people come to my office, but in the end, what they are really seeking is peace, joy, happiness, love. A core state of being, a centered place within themselves that would serve as the platform from which to experience all the rest of what goes on in a lifetime.

I don’t want to simplify this too much because even though we can choose to move to that new state quite rapidly, there are, at time, blocks and other needs within the subconscious that supersede the ability to achieve that state. I am going to share with you a few excerpts from client cases – all identifying information has been modified to protect privacy. I want to demonstrate the correlation between the presenting issue and the desired state, and will give you a tool that will help you to achieve your peace and happiness as well.

One client was creating a block that prevented her from moving away from a stagnant relationship. While she wanted a fresh start, she didn’t want to create waves or hurt anyone else, while knowing that staying would prevent her own happiness. Her fear kept her stalled because she thought she needed an external source of security. Through therapeutic techniques we discovered that she was trying to protect herself so that she could be happy, fulfilled and satisfied. So, we discussed what it would feel like to focus on those qualities instead of on how she was going to get there. In doing so, she discovered that she felt very powerful and resolute in maintaining this sense of being throughout her days. She could combine security with freedom, and always return to this sense of peace. The next day she set things in motion to make this major life change, and expressed relief and joy.

Another client was experiencing a food addiction, eating too much and too many sweets. We uncovered that a void was being filled that stemmed from childhood. Exploring several past lifetimes, she saw many aspects of herself that were instructive, including demonstrating that she had an abundance of the things in other lifetimes that she thought she lacked in this one. Plus, one lifetime demonstrated why the circumstances of this lifetime were so important in completing her purpose for coming here. Her ideal state included being nourished and valued. She realized these were to be supplied by her, and not to be gained from outside sources. When she discovered how she could nourish and value herself to the point of satiation, she realized that state was available to her always and in every moment. She didn’t need people or food to create the false sense of fulfillment that was always fleeting.

In a similar case, feeling unworthy led my client seek co-dependent relationships that would keep her from pursuing her own dreams, denying her freedom to provide support and nurturing for herself. In this case, craving sweets and gluten-rich foods made for a poor substitute for her true desire – to connect with the divine. Where there were shortcomings in the romantic relationship, sweets were used to close the gap, giving a temporary euphoria that mimicked a merging with God. During the session she realized how much more satisfying it would be to make the direct connection and hold it, than to use the immediate gratification of sugar. So by centering in that state of being connected, she can now experience life from this perspective and allow the circumstances of her life resonate with that, rather than trying to manipulate the circumstances of life (relationships and food choices) to fulfill her true desires.

What would it be like if you could experience those qualities right now? Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love. Imagine it. Just swim in the pond for a moment. Does that represent the state that would like to experience? Are there other words that would represent your desired state more closely? If so, use your own words.

Now, imagine there is a version of you who has already fully realized that state of being. Observe that version of you. What do you notice?

When you are ready, count three, two, one, and imagine slipping out of your body, and into the version of you who has realized that state. Notice what that feels like. How do you move? How do you view the world?

For comparison, it is interesting to come back to your former perspective by counting from three, two, one, and returning to that previous viewpoint. What do you notice about your attitudes, beliefs, feelings? What can you learn about what might be keeping you stuck, or lacking in joy?

Once again, count from three to one, and step back into the new improved you. What do you notice this time? Does it seem like a better place to live? If so, then go right ahead and do so! Be playful and curious about your new perspective and attitude! See what happens when you simply live life from this place of joy, peace, happiness and love!

Enjoy! In Joy!