Hypnosis is one of the most efficient and effective techniques for accessing the subconscious mind and for facilitating deep and sustainable change in an individual.

In actuality, we are all in trance most of our lives. From a certain perspective, it is hypnosis that allows us to come out of the trance of the everyday world, to align more closely with reality, or at least achieve an expanded perspective of ourselves and the world around us.

When we do things from habit, or because they are traditional or cultural, we are in trance. When we respond, even subconsciously, to the urging of an advertisement, we are in trance. Our self-assessment, or self-esteem, is considered to be a group of trance states that collectively reflect to us our self-worth and manifest our personality.

On another end of the spectrum, shamans throughout history and in many indigenous cultures, use trance to create greater spiritual connections and affect healing changes. Properly trained hypnotherapists can achieve similar results.

The trance state is typically an enjoyable experience. During a typical session the body goes into deep relaxation, blood pressure lowers, stress fades, and the mind is focused and aware.

As humans, we seek these altered, transpersonal states. Often these states are accessed in potentially unhealthy ways, such as through drugs, alcohol, or other self-destructive manners. These pathways tend to lead more toward masking issues rather than shedding light on them. In its highest use, trance can facilitate health, wellness, connection, alignment with reality, and manifestation of goals.

A wide range of issues can be addressed, inclluding weight loss, smoking, health issues, relationship and self-esteem issues, and blocks to progress. Yet these are all symptoms of a deeper underlying issue. Hypnotherapy is a very efficient modality for the discovery and alteration of those deeper root causes.

Issues are like weeds. You can mow them down, but if the roots remain, they will just spring up again over time. The answer is to pull out the roots.

While many methods of healing and wellness only address the symptoms, hypnotherapy allows the individual to explore the deeper causation and make rapid and lasting changes.

Once this is accomplished the sessions can turn to creating a positive and desirable future. With blocks removed, the focus can stay on creativity, aligning with the individual’s highest values and aspirations, raising confidence, creative problem-solving, clarity of purpose and path, increasing intuition, and even strengthening spiritual connections.

Experience hypnosis today! You deserve it!