Guilt – Is It Really Yours?

Guilt has one purpose. It provides awareness that we may have done something that is counter to our personal morality. All other uses is manipulation.

When you feel guilty, check in with yourself to see where that is coming from.

Have you done something that you feel bad about, or are you feeling bad because others think you should be?

If you realize you have breached your own moral code, then make the correction and move on. Drop the guilt as the awareness and correction has been made.

If you find that you are acting within your own values and morals, but others are not happy about it, then it is their issue to deal with. And no guilt is required on your part.

Guilt is so ingrained into our culture and traditions, how we have been raised and how we raise our own children, that it is quite a feat to conquer the habit of taking it on.

Awareness is the first step.