Have You Met Your Spirit Guide?

The people in our lives play an important role in our development. You may have noticed that certain people come into our lives at the time when we have needed them most. There are some  people who stay present for a while, while others leave as quickly as they came. No matter how or where we encounter them, or how long we stay connected, they play a part in shaping our beliefs and experiences of the world in which we live.

The same can be said for the spirit world and our “friends” on the other side. Whether you refer to them as guardian angels, spirit guides or spiritual advisors, there is a community of souls in the spiritual realm that we can connect with in order to gain opportunities for spiritual growth.

Your spirit guide could be:

  • Someone you have known in this or another lifetime – as a parent, child, co-worker, friend, or neighbor.
  • Linked to you by a soul connection – a twin soul, soul mate, karmic connection.
  • A spirit with similar goals and purpose – so you each provide the opportunity to learn and grow from the other.

Just like those people we encounter in our human lives, some spirit guides are with us for many lifetimes, others are here throughout a given lifetime, and yet others will be with us only during a particular period of time, or through a situation that we face. No matter the length of time that they are with us, spirit guides play an important role in our cosmic journey.

Because their influence is so important, it is worthwhile to learn to connect more fully with them. It is a gift and an honor to be able to clearly communicate with them and receive the fullness of their guidance, to offer friendship and energy in return, and to cherish the connection that you have with each other.

Through specific techniques of hypnotherapy,  the connection with your spirit guides can be quickly and easily enhanced. You can learn who they are, why they are with you, and how they can help you expand your spirituality. You may even discover how you are helping them with their path as well!

Be sure to connect with your spirit guides to enjoy the friendship,
guidance, and wisdom they have to offer you.