From Home to Machu Picchu

This is the right time to plan your 2016 Summer vacation, and Peru is the destination you are looking for. I am sure that “amazing” will be the word to describe this spiritual trip to Peru. Lost cities and ancient ceremonies are just a few of the things that make Peru your opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime.

If you  have read about Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, and imagine them as untouchable destinations in a far-away land, or have dreamt of a time when you can actually visit these ancient ruins and stand within the Inca fortresses, the time has come – it is here and it is now. In July 2016, this forgotten world will become a part of your life experience and you will create memories to be carved in your mind forever.

Traveling as a small spiritually-aware group can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with like-minded people as well as have a personal experience. It can provide you with learning experiences and inspiration as you understand and respect other cultures and environments.

The tour is presented by local, native shaman guides who will share their depth of knowledge and wisdom in both the modern culture and the indigenous ways. And I am accompanying the group to provide additional experiences along the way, such as past life regression, tarot readings, shamanic style journeys – all to strengthen your personal connection to this great land and people, and integrate your travel experience on a deeper spiritual way.




Here I am getting a coca leaf reading from a shaman.



(By the way, the guides and shaman speak English very clearly, and I speak fluent Spanish and can help with translations in the villages and markets when needed.)

We have designed this journey for you to enjoy a unique, safe and amazing travel experience. Couples as well as single people are coming on this trip. We have combined the educational, traditional and spiritual components with relaxing time for you to shop, rest, enjoy the emerging culinary scene, and explore on your own.

After arriving in Cuzco, we will take a bus into the With a connection in Lima, we fly directly to Cusco. I recommend you book a window seat, because this is one of the most beautiful flights I’ve ever taken. The Andes are spectacular out the window of the airplane.

Sacred Valley, also known as the Urubamba Valley. This is genius! Cuzco at an elevation of a little over 11,000 feet! Moving on into the Sacred Valley allows your body to become accustomed to a moderate altitude before remaining for any time at the heights of Cuzco

The Sacred Valley is glorious. Spectacular mountains and valleys dotted with villages and ancient ruins. We will make a stop at a llama and alpaca farm to spend some time with these magnificent creatures. We arrive at our retreat in Urubamba for the night.

ml on Machu Picchu

From this base, we will visit Ollantaytambo. This very special village is located at the beginning of the Incan Trail where hikers begin their sojourn to Machu Picchu. You will see lots of pilgrims preparing for their journey, which may take them approximately 4 days. We will visit an ancient Incan fortress as well as interesting shops and restaurants. We will have the honor of participating in a despacho ceremony with our shaman guide in the evening.


sundial at Machu picchu


From here our group will board the train that takes us to Aguas Calientes, at the base of Machu Picchu. The train, the Hiram Bingham, was named after the exlorer who found and revealed the ruins to the world. It follows the river and winds through mountains, with many views of the Incan trail. Occasionally you will see some of those who are hiking the trail on their pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.

Arriving in Aguas Calientes,  you will find a bustling village complete with extensive  marketplace, shops, restaurants, locals, tourists, live music, pubs, and hot springs for which the village is named. Bring your bathing suit so you can soak in the hot mineral waters during your free time!

Buses are run about every 10-20 minutes from the village to the base of Machu Picchu – about a 30 minute ride. We will visit the monument for two days. The first day with the guide giving us the tour, along with a shaman offering local rites and rituals to deepen the experience and connect you with the spirits and energy of this ancient site.


lawns at Machu picchu

On both days there will be plenty of time to explore on your own and to enjoy a past life and spiritual journey with me as your guide – right there on the mountain. Some of you who are braver and more fit may choose to climb the facing Huayna Picchu.


We leave Machu Picchu by train directly back to Cuzco. I love Cuzco and I think you will too! It is at high altitude. For the most part, our bodies will have become more accustomed, but we can still take precautions by purchasing small canisters of oxygen (I do!). It is also customary to sip on coca leaf tea, or chew on coca leaves and coca candy. The nature, unprocessed, coca leaf is rich in natural nutrients, and stimulates the absorption of oxygen, preventing the dreaded altitude sickness.




Surrounding Cuzco are several well-preserved ruins, such as Saksaywaman.  (Sounds like “Sexy Woman”.)  A shaman will accompany us to each and we will engage in traditional ceremonies and have time to connect with the energy and spirits here.

The city itself is one of my favorite – and I have traveled to over 60 countries! Cuzco is truly special. From the architecture and cobblestone streets, to the variety of shopping, cafes, grand Plaza de Armas, and the culinary experiences. For those of
you who are foodies, I will arrange and extracurricular dining experience (not included in the tour) that involves eating within a glass box the size of a double train car that is placed in the courtyard of the Museum of Prehistoric Art. An experience you will never forget on many levels! Be sure to shop for your higher end souvenirs in this city – jewelry, clothing, alpaca sweaters.

For those of you with an interest in flying over the Nazca Lines, I highly recommend it! These mysterious drawings can only be seen from an airplane, and although ancient, were only discovered in the 20th century when a female pilot flew over in a small plane. During my first trip to Peru I didn’t take the extra journey to the Nazca Lines, and I kicked myself when I came home. I was so close and didn’t do it. So on my second journey to Peru, I did go and can tell you it was very much worth the time, energy, and money. And the hotel we have booked for you will make you wish you were staying a few extra nights.


Nazca Lines, Peru


Are you drawn to Peru and Machu Picchu? Are you ready to gift yourself with the adventure of a lifetime?

There are only 14 spots on this tour as we want to keep it intimate and flexible. You must be in reasonable shape to fully engage in the experience as there is a lot of walking and climbing on uneven surfaces. I am only in moderate shape myself and have no trouble, but no recent hip replacements or broken ankles allowed, and no heart or lung issues that would be exacerbated by thin air. (On the 2013 trip there was one lady who was unable to walk unaided for much of the more uneven terrain, and it really isn’t fair for the other guests, so please just be mindful. If you have any doubt, please call and we can discuss it.)

I will guarantee you will be in even better shape when you return!

If this mystical journey to the ancient sites of Peru speaks to your heart, please call now to discuss and to hold your spot on this trip.


Mystical Journey to Machu Picchu and Beyond