Honing My Skills

A few weeks ago I drove (and ferried) to Campbell River, BC, to attend an amazing week in a retreat resort with “like-minded” people, all with the goal of sharpening our skills in remote viewing. It was so exciting!!

If you are unfamiliar with the term Remote Viewing, I will try to explain. The viewer is given a target – coordinates or some location like the inside of a building. The viewer then projects their mind to that location and attempts to describe what is there or what is taking place.IMG_1218

Here is a picture of the view from my deck at the retreat. Between here at the water is a grand labyrinth made of drift wood.  You can enter in silence and meditate as you walk the rounds.

In my early psychic development courses, we would practice this with exercises like describing what is in this sealed envelope, to what objects have been placed in another room. We would practice with partners and we would each place something in the middle of a room in our own homes. The other person would try to see it and describe it to the partner.

About three years ago, I attended a retreat at the Monroe Institute in Virginia and took their entry-level Gateway program. While it is not unlike many of the hypnotherapy and NLP techniques I already use and teach, I did learn a few useful tricks. Many of you who have taken my professional trainings, and those of you who have private sessions with me, have experienced some of the fruits of my retreat.

During my Virginia retreat, we had the pleasure of surprise guest speakers that included Joe McMoneagle and Skip Atwater, both well-known participants in the various government and university activities involving remote viewing, including the Star Gate Project. During the retreat we had a taste of remote viewing and I found I have some talent for it.

So now I am participating in a full-blown training of Levels 1-3. I will certainly let you know how it all goes, and you can count on me to include any relevant skills in my future sessions and trainings.

What skills are you working on?

How are you expanding your awareness, sensitivities, and perceptions?

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression are powerfully important first steps in realizing your goals of deeper meditations, higher perspectives, broader perceptions, and greater self-awareness. They can even help with honing skills like Remote Viewing.