How Do You Make Decisions?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Life is filled with them. They can be easy to tackle, and they can cause us to fret and worry.

Everyone has a way they address decisions. Can you identify yours?

Businessman with devil and angel

  • Wait until the last moment, and then just pick one.
  • Analyze it to pieces, and then choose the least harmful or distasteful.
  • Ask all friends and acquaintances for an opinion, and go with the most popular.
  • Just make a spontaneous choice and figure it can be dealt with it if it goes poorly.
  • Ask a mentor, parent, or psychic, and align with their opinion.
  • Wait it out until there are no choices left, and live with the default.
  • Consider what is best for others in your life and meet their needs first.
  • Think it through clearly and rationally, and make the best possible choice based on reality, personal values, and your known purpose.

If you know me, or have worked with me, you know that only the last one on the list will be optimal for the highest and best outcome.

Did you know that how you make decisions in this life will carry over to how you make decisions between lives? This means that your decision-making skills will be in full operation when you go to choose your next incarnation.

Many years ago I worked with a client who came to me in distress because she had been raised in a highly abusive family. She believed that she must have done something terribly wrong in a previous lifetime to deserve such a punishment. She was obese and wanted to address her weight issues, but equally important to her was finding a way to clear her karma and cleanse her soul so this wouldn’t happen to her again in a future lifetime.

Our client-centered session led us to the time before this particular lifetime. She was at a decision point, choosing where she would incarnate. I asked her what she knew about her parents before she chose to be their baby. She responded that she knew she had a soul connection with them, and she knew that they were in distress – fighting and abusing each other.

She said that she wanted to teach them to love and be kind to each other, and believed that by becoming their baby, they would learn that through having a child. But what happened instead was horrifying. They both turned their frustration and anger on the baby, abusing her relentlessly throughout her childhood.

This was a case not of bad karma, but of poor decision-making. She was willing to sacrifice herself for the good of these two dysfunctional people, and hadn’t considered the alternative possibilities of the outcome. It was a mis-calculation that went very awry. And it was terribly painful for her.

Naturally, there was a correlation between the profound emotional impact of this childhood and her persistent obesity. Once she understood how she needed up in this family, she could stop blaming and punishing herself. She could begin to heal and move on to a healthier lifestyle.

She claimed that a huge weight had lifted off her shoulders and her soul, and now a huge weight could be lifted off her body.

Poor decisions. We have all been there.

Think back to a few of the major decisions you have made over the years. What is your decision-making style? How has that been working for you? How do you think that has influenced your choice of family, the friends or spouse you pick, your career track?