During a recent professional training, Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression, my students were interested in more in-depth information about the time between lives. I find it curious that we know we are all going to die at some point. Yet, very little attention is given to what we need to do to prepare for that experience. We may turn to faith and religion, but do we really know? Do we have proof of what it will be like?

The closest that I have as proof are experiences in past life and between life regression where I, and innumerable clients, have gone back in memory to witness and re-experience those conditions and events.

What we have discovered is that the experiences that we have before being born are many and varied. Just as every individual has a unique path during their physical life, so, too, do they have their own experiences between lives. In the same way, they will have a unique set of factors to consider as they determine their next incarnation.


As in any phase of existence, many choices have to be considered. In making a choice for your next life experiences, your decision-making skills will be called to task. They may be the single most important factor in choosing the time and location of this or any other lifetime.

Choosing the birth time and place can be highly complicated. It involves choosing the parents, environment,  siblings, opportunities, location, and date. It may be of importance to consider the parent’s health and genetic make-up, and so much more.


Some individuals may be concerned about the astrological influences and the numerology of the date or the name.

Strategies of birth can be as complex as a game of chess, or as simple as picking a lottery number and crossing your fingers. It will be your choice. It will ultimately always be your choice.

Can we make mistakes?

Certainly! We make mistakes all the time in life and we can certainly do it between lives as well.

Have you ever made a wrong decision about a relationship?
How about your decision-making skills in financial investments and purchases?
Have you ever gotten involved with a political party, movement, cause, or organization that didn’t go as planned?
Do you know your purpose and are you moving directly toward it?
Are you sure about your values and always support your highest ones?
Do you make your own decisions or rely on others to do that?

How you make decisions in this life will be reflected in how you make them between lifetimes.

Handy Tools and Techniques

There are a number of ways that you can prepare for the best experiences between lifetimes, and to be able to navigate that phase as well or better than you have been doing in this present incarnation. These skills are teachable and learnable. When you have learned them, they will be equally valuable to you in this life as well as the time between lives.

Several skills that you will need include having clarity of your purpose, a working knowledge of your values, self-esteem, strong ethics and virtues, courage, and conviction.

How will you choose your next incarnation?

Many of these skills are included in the various materials that will be presented in my courses,  my blog posts, and in the Awareness Engineering Membership Site. Please check them out!