Now YOU Can Qualify as a Certified Hypnotherapist

and a Certified Past Life Regression Specialist!

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You are invited to take part in a revolutionary approach to helping your clients achieve personal self-awareness, spiritual growth, and breakthroughs to attaining their soul’s purpose and walking their best path.

Our past lives are not “other people” leading separate lives. At a soul level all other lifetimes (what we call “aspects”) are part of one soul system. If you consider each aspect as a facet of an infinitely-faceted diamond, you can easily see that the diamond will not shine to it’s fullest if facets are not displayed together as a unified whole. This is the same for humans. To fully shine and function at our highest capacity, we must be integrated with the whole our of our Being.

Imagine offering this awareness and integration for your clients.

Guiding your clients through past lives and the time between lives allows them to gain solid information about who they are, their talents and gifts, their challenges and “baggage”. It provides clues to purpose, deepens understanding of relationships, reveals hidden causes of health issues, and so much more.

maryleeprofileframe2I am Dr. Mary Lee LaBay, the creator and primary trainer for Hypnotherapy: Professional Training Intensive and Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression, two acclaimed professional training programs I’ve been presenting for nearly 20 years in Seattle.

Students come to me from all over the world to be trained in the unique style and methods that I have developed and honed.

These two programs are now combined into one home study training course that can be completed by studying on your own – in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

With an emphasis on essential healing techniques of hypnotherapy, as well as deep past life and between life exploration, this course satisfies requirements by most national and international hypnotherapy organizations to qualify for both designations:

Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Past Life Regression Specialist


Now you, too, can seamlessly deliver hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy in a non-threatening, clinical environment that is nurturing for anyone from the most conservative executive to the most soulful seeker.

It is an honor and delight to provide these experiences to those in need of physical, emotional, and mental wellness, while offering greater soul connection and spiritual awakening.

And it is my pleasure to share these skills and wisdom with my students so, together, we can create a greater impact on the evolution of humankind and this planet.

This training is unique because it is client-centered, holistic, and organic. It is based on the highest standards of practice in the industry, and yet diverts from “the usual”, and has been developed into a unique offering not found elsewhere. 

My passion is helping my clients achieve the most optimal results and training others to do the same with their clients. I love that I get to wake up each day and work to affect change in the lives of my clients and empower my students to create these amazing results within their sessions as well.

Machu-Picchu-2frameThe journey of awakening that takes place for clients and students is what truly lights me up and has me feeling grateful every day for the work that I do in this world.

Are you ready to work at deep levels of the psyche to understand the origin and resolutions to life’s greatest challenges, plus illuminate pathways for your client to achieve their greatest goals and dreams, including developing profound self-awareness and integration?

Over the years, my students have included naturopaths, coaches, acupuncturists, nutritionists, counselors, policeman, artists, intuitives, empty-nesters ready for a new career path, professionals in career transition, psychologists, dentists, lawyers, and the list goes on. Some graduates combine these skills in their present practice, some create brand new careers. Others choose to gain the knowledge and skills for their own personal use, to support the healing and growth of family and friends, and even themselves.


Get in the “zone” of holistic competency that allows you to easily and confidently facilitate sessions that are efficient and effective. Get results quickly, offering your clients greater self-awareness, knowledge of their purpose and past lives, healing of discomfort, and connection to their higher consciousness.

I  have offered these courses through Bellevue College, Bastyr University, at national and international conferences, and in private settings. Now I am bringing you the best in these trainings to your doorstep!


One of my graduating classes at Bastyr University.


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I invite you to read through the details found under each of the tabs above.

And please set up a time to speak with me in person if you have any questions or concerns. I would be happy to discuss how this training can create a beautiful life and career for you, and support you in making a difference in the world.

Set up a call online or by texting or calling me at 425.562.7277.


mary lee logo

Calle Cerra in Santurce

Do you enjoy:

➤ Exploring the deeper realms of consciousness

➤ Seeking a sense of fulfillment

➤ Love to help others to improve their health and well-being


It has become widely accepted that the body-mind-spirit connection is vital in all areas of healing and self-improvement. This is a photo I took of street art from Calle Cerra in greater San Juan, Puerto Rico. Clinical hypnotherapy is a bit different from this, but I love the image and the art!

Hypnotherapy and its accompanying healing protocols are rapid and effective approaches to understanding and modifying perceptions, beliefs, communication, and behavior, as well as accelerating self-awareness and change. The protocols can be applied for healing the physical body and emotional well-being, as well as all other areas of life.


Your skill sets will include:

➤  Setting a conducive environment, building rapport, adjusting voice tonality and speed, conducting the intake session, and facilitating the hypnosis session through graceful transitions.

➤ Various methods of induction and deepening to get even the most resistant or analytical client into the proper state tosuccessfully and safely experience hypnosis.

➤ Organic and client-centered concepts and methods that allow you to work without scripts, maintain deep rapport with your client, and be intuitively attuned to the client’s experience as it unfolds.

Formation and use of non-leading questions to avoid false memory syndrome.

Methods to bring your client out of trance so they can safely drive and otherwise function normally.

Applications and uses of over a dozen techniques and strategies, organically and without scripts, for individual client goals and needs. These include inner conflicts, indecision, dysfunctional history, relationships, addictions, compulsions, self-sabotage, pain management, and counterproductive perspectives and attitudes.

➤ Case studies—in written and audio forms—that provide a deeper understanding of their applications.

Techniques taught and practiced:

➤ Inductions: Several techniques to achieve hypnosis.

➤ Deepening: Techniques to deepen the trance state, providing greater focus and relaxation, and increasing connection with the subconscious mind.

➤ Emerging: Completing the hypnosis session, bringing the client back to normal awareness, along with closing conversations with the client

➤ Safe space: Guiding the client to imagine a place where they are relaxed, protected and connected.

➤ Empowerment Symbol: A unique anchoring technique that allows the client to access courage and confidence during the session as well as into their everyday life.

➤ Regression Therapy: Somatic and affect bridge. Regression to cause to discover and heal the initial sensitizing event.

➤ Secondary Gains: Discovery of the motivation for behaviors and reactions.

➤ Parts Therapy: Resolving indecision, self-sabotage, and inner conflict.

➤ Inner Child: Addressing the needs of the inner child, from infancy to the present, to resolve emotional and psychological hurt, pain, trauma, misconceptions, confusion, and restore strength of character, self-esteem and pride.

➤ Chair Therapy: Resolving and gaining perspectives in issues with other people, dead or alive, including rehearsing a confrontation with the boss, putting to rest family dysfunction, and completing the grieving process.

➤ Reframing: Altering our perspective of challenging events and feelings from the past, and assimilating them positively for health and wholeness.

➤ Object imagery: Use pain and feelings to set up communication with the subconscious mind to discover its true needs, leading to resolution.

➤ Dissociation: Moving between experiencing from the first person perspective to a more objective one, allowing for separation from pain and distress.

➤ Role model: A second anchoring technique that facilitates rapid assimilation of the healing and changes that have taken place during the session.

➤ Future pacing: Taking the client into the future to preview their new, healthier lifestyle, instructing the subconscious to set the path for sustained healing into the future.

➤ Kinesthetic technique for rapid relief of abreaction (uncontrolled grief or anger) during the session. Clients can continue to use this technique in their everyday life.

➤ Practicalities of the practice: Discussions and materials on certification, registration, setting up a practice, marketing, ethics, and legalities.


Another graduating classes at Bastyr University.


Whether you choose to use these skills in your professional practice or, like some students, use it for personal development, you will undoubtedly come away with a wealth of information.

These experiences will expand your perspective, stretch your imagination, flex your intuition, satisfy your logical quest, and give you a stronger sense of self. 


Are your clients asking to wake up, get spiritually-connected, and become more self-aware?

Are they curious about phobias, unexplained pain, their choice of family, or clarity about their purpose?

Do you want to provide extraordinary hypnotherapy and past life regression sessions 

so your clients can have the answers they seek?


In this past life segment of the course, you will gain information and experience on:

➤ The difference between philosophy and sense of life; and how those two figure into every decision, behavior, emotion, and view of the world. An important distinction when working with your clients.

➤ The two fundamental elements common to all humans. Discover why these set the stage to create a compass for pointing us to our path and purpose in life.

➤ The distinction between perceptual consciousness and conceptual consciousness, and how this knowledge helps us to answer questions about incarnation cycles of humans and animals.

➤ Various concepts of time and space taken from leaders in quantum physics circles; and how these clarify and substantiate the more profound and mysterious concepts of reincarnation.

➤ Diagrams that demonstrate how the soul traverses between existing in the physical body and out of the body, what it really means to change and/or remove karma, and what happens when we “expand our consciousness” and “move up the spiral of enlightenment.”

➤ How we can change the past, as well as the future!

➤ Setting a conducive environment, building rapport, adjusting voice tonality and speed, conducting the intake session, and facilitating the past life regression session through graceful transitions.

➤ Various methods of induction and deepening to get even the most resistant or analytical client into the proper state to successfully and safely experience a past life.

➤ Have successful sessions every time! (Many practitioners trained elsewhere cannot say that!)

➤ Organic and client-centered concepts and methods that allow you to work without scripts, maintain deep rapport with your client, and be intuitively attuned to the client’s experience as it unfolds.

➤ Formation and use of non-leading questions to avoid false memory syndrome.

➤ Methods to bring your client safely out of trance so they can safely drive and otherwise function normally.

➤ Applications and uses of several techniques and strategies, organically and without scripts, for individual client goals and needs.

➤ Case studies—in written and audio forms—that provide a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques for facilitating past life and between life journeys.

meditation-2 (1)

Are you fascinated by past lives and “dying to know” what happens between lives?

Do you have a desire to assist people in exploring their past life memories?

Are you someone who seeks a deeper perspective of existence and the world we live in?

This unique training will bring you more than you can imagine!


Mary-Lee-Labay-198x300Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D. Hypnotherapy & Past Life Professional Training  is developed and primarily taught by Dr. Mary Lee LaBay. With a doctorate in Behavioral Psychology, she is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy, and approved Instructor of Hypnotherapy for International Hypnosis Association.

She is a Certified Spiritual Counselor with decades of experience as an intuitive, regressionist, and teacher of personal spirituality and lifestyle transformation.  Mary Lee is the author of 5 published books, two of which are professional training texts, Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach and Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners.

She has authored numerous materials that accompany her trainings, and produced a long list of guided meditations and training audios.

Mary Lee lived several years in each of Colorado, Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, and Ohio, and then moved her practice to Bellevue, WA, in 1997. About two years later she collaborated on three books with Dr. Kevin Hogan.  Over the next 10 years she wrote 3 more books, and also served as a consultant or contributor to a screen play and a number of books by other authors, both fiction and non-fiction.

Along with certificates in Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, Spiritual Counselor, Gestalt Therapy, Coaching, and more, she completed her MS and PhD, and earned the designation of Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy.  She brings a unique approach to hypnotherapy and shamanic style techniques, instructing a wide range of professional trainings at Bastyr University and elsewhere.

Mary Lee was named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders of 2007 by Personal Excellence magazine, leads personal growth retreats and travel adventures around the world, and maintains her private practice in Bellevue WA and world-wide over Skype.



Susan Lee Fields, CMHt, is the Teaching Assistant for the training. She brings her background and studies in hypnotherapy, as well as her behind-the-scenes organization, to provide the best support throughout your training experience.

After spending 5 years in the medical profession, Susan served as Director of Operations for a nationwide firm.  She mentored B2B groups, training Board of Directors to successfully build and maintain their businesses and networking organizations.

In addition to her hypnotherapy credentials, Susan has attained certifications in past life regression and weight management.

Susan will be in charge of collecting your Assignment Checklist, reviewing your Practice Sessions, and issuing your Certificates of Completion.


When you register for the course, you will receive a Welcome Letter with instructions on how to get started. This course and all its materials will guide you gently, step-by-step, through the entire process of learning the techniques, practicing them, foundational concepts, and then on through building your business, marketing, and becoming a successful holistic practitioner.

After all, it is my goal to support you in becoming very successful! My own purpose includes making this a much better world to live in. Yet, I can only see so many clients a day. By training you to be successful doing this marvelous work, we can work together to create an even better world!


What You Get in This Training


Read on to see why this training is so comprehensive and unique. All materials are provided in this training—nothing more to buy. At the heart of this training are three books:

plr-student-guidebook-coverYour 34-page Student Guidebook,
which guides you step-by-step through the program, informing you of what to read, in the proper progression, so that you confidently build your knowledge and skill sets. 

Also included in the Guidebook are explanations of metaphysical concepts that will further set you apart from the ordinary past life or hypnotherapy practitioner. Concepts like how to access the subconscious mind, protocols for past life and between life exploration, dealing with trauma and abreaction, purpose and path, value systems, virtues, life directions, and protocols for assisting your clients in achieving these.


essential-elements-of-healing-ver2Your 61-page Essential Elements of Healing is at the heart of the techniques of hypnotherapy. This will give you the mastery to help clients with inductions, deepening, anchoring powerful resources, creating internal spaces where deep healing occurs, handling resistance, decision-making, resolving inner conflict, understanding motivations (even to self-sabotage), reducing or eliminating pain, extracting deeply held wisdom and self-awareness, creating and becoming a new, improved version of the self, managing strong emotional reactions to the discoveries, and so much more.

This alone would create your successful hypnotherapy career.

BUT WAIT!  We also apply these skills within the past life regression session in a unique and powerful protocol, created and taught only in Mary Lee’s classes.


And that is where your third book comes in. Your 108-page Past Life Regression: Guide for Practitioners. A universe awaits you within the covers of this book.

Here you will gain the knowledge and wisdom that Mary Lee has gathered from her personal and professional experiences that date back to the mid-1980’s (and beyond, if we count past life memories!!).

guide-for-practitioners-5-coverGet the latest in research and experience about why it is important to explore your past lives (#1 is that it is the key to raising consciousness, a goal to which many people are now awakening!), why we forget (are you, too, a victim of these factors?), how we remember (tips and protocols for you, which you can then offer to your clients), real vs. false memories, sensory modalities (do you know yours? Your children’s? These could make a difference in learning and recall), specific techniques for past life and between life exploration (endlessly fascinating…. and clients pay me well to go on this fascinating journey with them!), all sorts of other insights and perspectives, concepts that will blow your mind like step-ins, soul mate relationships, dimensions and planes, visiting the future, old soul vs. new soul, and then the whole death experience—what it is like, banishing fears of death, overcoming grief, what happens between lives and how to be prepared, what options we have in choosing our families, and why some people make very questionable choices.

This book is loaded with case studies, so you can read about experiences others have had, and examine the language I use to move them through their session and their healing.


Along with these books, your training offers even more value!

Access to the exclusive Awareness Engineering Membership Site. Here you will access numerous audios of previous trainings to get even deeper explanations and understanding of techniques and their applications, along with full-length sessions with demo clients. These are real, unscripted sessions that have taken place in the classroom, demonstrating hypnotherapy and past life techniques, graceful transitions between techniques, and powerful choices the practitioner makes while guiding their clients. The Membership Site also offers guided visualizations so that you can enjoy personal self-discovery and transformation with selections like Meditate with the Buddha, Explore a Past Life, Find Your Bliss, and more.


Your 44-page Business Building Playbook, which supports and guides you through setting up and building your private practice.

This includes examples of intake and disclosure forms that have been approved by legal counsel, tips for marketing and creating multiple streams of income, ethics, scope of practice, and more.



Your 43-page Scripts book. All the scripts for the techniques you will learn are at your fingertips as you practice, and to use as a handy reference as you build your private practice.


facebook iconAccess to a private Facebook page, where you will create community with fellow students, along with students and graduates of all Mary Lee’s current and previous courses. Here, participants share research and articles, ask questions, give answers and support, have access to Mary Lee, learn of new events, share referrals, and make announcements. In our classes, we promote collaboration and cooperation in making this a better world, as opposed to being competitive and cut-throat. You will find hundreds of life-long supportive colleagues who may also volunteer to work with you to complete your practice sessions over Skype, or agree to exchange sessions throughout the years for your mutual growth and wellness. An amazing resource that is included as a part of your training.


Two Hours of Private Consultation.  As part of your training, you will also enjoy two live half-hour phone or Skype conversations with Mary Lee plus two live half-hour conversations with Susan Fields. These calls can be used to ask questions, receive guidance through the course or while you are creating and expanding your private practice, or to experience a short session with either instructor, or provide a short session to receive feedback. This time with your instructors is yours to use to your benefit.

Upon completion of all assignments, receive credit for 40 hours of practice sessions and 60 hours of audio and reading assignments.  You will receive a certificate stating you have completed 100 hours of home study training. 

Most students are able to complete the course in about 4-6 weeks. You have up to one year from the purchase date to complete and turn in your assignments to receive credit and your certificate of completion.

Competing the requirements of this course qualifies you to become a

Certified Hypnotherapist

and a

Certified Past Life Regression Specialist 

through the

International Institute for

Past Life & Awareness Engineering

and other nationally-recognized organizations.

One of my graduating classes at Bellevue College.


Throughout the training, you will receive guidance in moving through the certification process as well as setting up your private practice…and making it a success!


Where will your career take you?

First, a little background information. Over the past few years, the live hypnotherapy training and the live past life training have been offered in the Seattle area for $1,995 each. They have been combined, in this single product, to bring you the best of both trainings, but at a fraction of the cost.

These courses have provided superb value to the students and have launched many careers.

Students in Washington State typically open their practice charging a minimum of $60/hour, and quickly raise their rates to $150/hour and more.  This is an education that supports a career where you can make from $50,000 to more than $200,000 per year (one of my colleagues hit US$5 Million one year!!), depending on your dedication and drive.


As a Hypnotherapist and/or Past Life Regression Specialist, you will be your own boss, name your own fees, choose your own days off, and potentially work from anywhere in the world. I personally work with clients in my office in Washington, and over Skype currently with clients in Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, California, Canada, Ohio, and elsewhere. I travel the world presenting workshops, trainings, and retreats, including Great Britain, Europe, India, Mexico, SE Asia, Peru, and the Caribbean. Technology and desire allow us such freedom. And that freedom can be yours.

This path has launched my career as an author,, a speaker, and an instructor as well as a hypnotherapist in private practice. It has opened untold doors.

What doors will open for you?


Your Home Study version of my Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Certifications course is priced at $995.

With your tuition, you will receive:

➤ Welcome Letter with instructions

➤ Assignment Checklist to track your progress

➤ 34-page Student Handbook – to guide you through the program and give added information about metaphysics, philosophy, new physics, consciousness, values, virtues, life directions, and more.

➤ 61-page Essential Elements of Healing – teaching you the techniques and protocols of client-centered hypnotherapy for inductions, deepening, healing, self-awareness, and more.

➤ 108-page Past Life Regression: Guide for Practitioners – A universe awaits you within the covers of this book! Gain the knowledge and wisdom of Mary Lee’s 30 years of personal and professional experience. Everything you want to know about past life and between life explorations, and more than can be listed here, along with case studies.

➤ Access to the exclusive Awareness Engineering Membership Site  – where you will listen to audios of previous trainings, and guided meditations for personal enhancement.

➤ 44-page Business Building Playbook – supporting you as you create and grow your holistic private practice, with forms, legal guidelines, office procedures, ethics, marketing tips, and more.

➤ 43-page Scripts book – putting all the scripts at your fingertips, until you no longer need to reference them because you have become such an awesome practitioner you can move through your client sessions with ease and confidence (in the not-too-distant future).

➤ Personal invitation to our private Facebook page – where you will create community with fellow students and graduates of all my previous classes, read research, posts, ask and answer questions, stay in touch with Mary Lee and all the other students moving through the trainings anywhere in the world, in the classroom and in the Home Study program.

➤ Two (2) 30-minute phone or Skype calls with Mary Lee LaBay ($300 value, by appointment only) to discuss your progress, your practice sessions, or answer any questions or concerns that you have during your studies, or after you launch your practice.

➤ Two (2) 30-minute phone or Skype calls with Susan Fields, Teaching Assistant, ($200 value, by appointment only) to discuss your progress, your practice sessions, experience a short hypnosis session, or answer any questions or concerns that you have.

While there is a strong advantage to coming to the classroom and having “live” time with your instructors, there are also valid reasons why that may not be feasible for you. If you live at a distance from the live trainings, you would need to incur travel expenses, hotels, and meals, and be away from your current job, family and pets, for nearly a week, or in some cases, on three separate weekends. That can add up to thousands of extra dollars spent on your education!

To save you that added expense, I have created this all-inclusive pathway to achieving your dream career in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. 

Add   “Certified Hypnotherapist”   and   “Certified Past Life Regression Specialist”  to your credentials today!

When you click this button, you will be taken to where you will register and pay.

Now, the best of both courses – $995! 

Act Now!


BONUS: When you have taken this Home Study Course, if you decide you would like to attend the live version of the same class, your special rate will be $500. This is only available for customers who have purchased the home study through this site, and for live trainings that are solely sponsored by Mary Lee, and not through a school or other host. To take advantage of this special offer, you must make arrangements with Mary Lee.

I look forward to working with you, teaching you, and collaborating with you, to create your successful holistic healing and past life private practice!

Please schedule a call with Mary Lee if you have any questions.



“This course has exceeded my expectations.”

I’ve not only learned Mary Lee’s amazing variety of techniques and how to apply them, but have also easily grasped these techniques and how to naturally follow my intuition in guiding clients for maximum results. The materials provided are so easy to follow and the course is outlined perfectly for the student who is pinched for time.

Amazed and pleased with my progress toward becoming an authentic hypnotherapist.

Thank you Mary Lee!

Kim Gutensohn

Graduating Student and soon-to-be Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Specialist

“I can’t imagine you could find a better teacher”

If hypnotherapy is of interest to you, then I heartily recommend Mary Lee’s course. She knows the material ‘like the back of her hand,’ and is quite adept at teaching it to others. (She actually wrote the text book!) By the end of the first day, you will already be able to do some things in the hypnotherapy realm, and as you proceed through the training, you will be amazed how much you have learned and how much you are able to actually “do.”

I’ve found that the students in her class quickly bond with each other. And Mary Lee is incredibly accessible outside class as well.

If hypnotherapy is your goal, I can’t imagine you could find a better teacher–or a better program.

Rick Lowell


“Thank you for all your gifts and knowledge”

I feel honored to have studied with you. I am overcome with joy and excitement when I think of the work and transformation that I can facilitate using this powerful work. The group was so connected and the space was sacred.

Thank you for all of your gifts and knowledge. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for this healing art.

Marissa Castello

Motivational Hypnotherapist and Health Strategist

“…her credibility as a master teacher”

Mary Lee’s direct and consistent delivery in her principles and techniques only further lends to her credibility as a master teacher. She has also established an amazing community to keep students supported throughout their budding career and I still connect with her and my fellow students regularly for support.

Look no further for your training. There’s no other program like hers!

Christa King

Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Professional Coach and Reiki Practitioner

“Mary Lee creates a very safe space”

During my training with Mary Lee, I had the (voluntary!) chance to be a “demo” in front of the class to work out an interpersonal issue I was having in my life at the time. It seems like it would be quite scary to be in hypnosis in front of a big group, but actually Mary Lee creates a very safe space.

I was able to clear out very old patterns and find significant inner resources that shifted my experience in daily life without me having to do anything else! My energy changed, and the situation changed appropriately.

I witnessed others in the class having similarly transformative experiences. I have also seen my practice clients experience tremendous release and revelation simply because I follow the protocols Mary Lee is teaching.

I highly recommend working with her!

Jeanell Innerarity

Yoga Teacher and LMP

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