Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression

Are you ready to add “past life regression specialist” to your credentials? Perhaps you are starting a new career in holistic healing modalities, or are ready to add new skills to your existing practice.

This training includes exploration of previous lifetimes, the time between lives, the healing of issues that stem from past life experiences, and the enhancement of self-awareness, talent, and knowledge gained during those experiences.

Past life and between life work is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Previous students who have taken this course state that it is life-changing for everyone who participates.

Whether you choose to use the experiences in your professional practice, or, like some students, use it for personal development, you will undoubtedly come away with a wealth of information.

These experiences are bound to expand your perspective, stretch your imagination, flex your intuition, satisfy your logical quest, and give you a stronger sense of self. And you just might use it to take your professional practice to the next level!

Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression is designed for the health practitioner (holistic or allopathic) whose practice would benefit from the use of:

  • trance induction
  • relaxation
  • visualization, mind/body healing
  • past life regression and specific philosophical and quantum reality concepts
  • as well as for those who wish to explore a new career path.

Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression has two components—a home-study module, and four days of classroom experience. Shortly after registration you will receive your course workbook to begin the home-study portion of the course. You might spend up to 8 hours of reading prior to the first face-to-face class session, and an additional 14 hours between the two weekend sessions reading, completing exercises, and conducting practice sessions.

Home Study

Prior to attending the first classroom session, you will begin learning the terminology and concepts of the techniques and modalities covered, which produce for your clients an enhanced sense of self-awareness, desired change, and deep healing. You will study the structure of the techniques, read case studies, and begin to assimilate the material.

Your home-study workbook and texts will include information and techniques for facilitating successful past life and between life regressions:

  • The difference between philosophy and sense of life; and how those two figure into every decision, behavior, emotion, and view of the world. An important distinction when working with your clients.
  • The two fundamental elements common to all humans. Discover why these set the stage to create a compass for pointing us to our path and purpose in life.
  • The distinction between perceptual consciousness and conceptual consciousness, and how this knowledge helps us to answer questions about incarnation cycles of humans and animals.
  • Various concepts of time and space taken from leaders in quantum physics circles; and how these clarify and substantiate the more profound and mysterious concepts of reincarnation.
  • Diagrams that demonstrate how the soul traverses between existing in the physical body and out of the body, what it really means to change and/or remove karma, and what happens when we “expand our consciousness” and “move up the spiral of enlightenment.”
  • How we can change the past, as well as the future.
  • Setting a conducive environment, building rapport, voice tonality and speed, conducting the intake session, and gracefully transitioning to the regression session.
  • Various methods of induction and deepening to get even the most resistant or analytical client into the proper state to successfully and safely experience their past life memories.
  • Organic and client-centered methods so that you will work without scripts, maintain a deep rapport with your client, and intuitively tuned to the experiences as they unfold.
  • Formation and use of non-leading questions to avoid false memory syndrome.
  • Methods to bring your client safely out of trance and prepared to function in daily life.

Your course materials continue to go even deeper into the concepts of reincarnation, informing you about:

  • If and how souls make choices about their incarnations, families, and timing.
  • How to discover your client’s specific concerns at the moment of choosing this body to incarnate into, and whether there was assistance available.
  • How emotional “baggage” left over from a lifetime may affect decisions; and the tools to give you the ability to identify and correct both the baggage and the decision-making style.
  • If and why souls choose to incarnate into dysfunctional and abusive situations. Be prepared to deliver deep and effective help for clients who have experienced severe abuse.
  • How addiction and self-sabotaging behaviors may have origins in previous lifetimes, and how to discover and resolve these issues.
  • How to seek information about a soul’s purpose and the intended purpose for a given lifetime.
  • Discovering the deeper historical nature of personal relationships, talents, and personality your clients are curious about.
  • The four directions that our thoughts and behaviors point us toward, how they affect the progress of our path, and how they support or defeat our purpose.

Classroom Experience

In addition to the home-study portion of the course, you will attend two, two-day weekend sessions (28 hours) in the classroom experience focusing on discussion of the material to ensure assimilation, provide live demonstrations of each of the techniques to see them in action and in combination, and have ample time to practice the techniques to gain substantial personal experience—both as the therapist and as the client.

During the classroom-based instruction you will discuss, witness demonstrations, practice, and experience techniques for:

  • Inductions, deepening, and emerging from hypnotic trance.
  • Identifying past life sources of pain and dysfunction, and how to resolve them.
  • Using specific language, sensations or emotions to target specific lifetimes.
  • A unique method of communicating with the subconscious mind without re-experiencing difficult memories.
  • Numerous methods of providing healing and support to the past life counterpart during the session. Incorporating conversations between the present person and the past life counterpart to share wisdom, and deliver healing opportunities to both parties.
  • Specific tools for providing strength and courage for clients facing difficult memories.
  • Effective and rapid method for moving the client to a more desirable state of being in the world.
  • Understanding the difference between associated and dissociated states, and how you can use these to your advantage as you move through sensitive material.
  • What it means should you discover certain patterns of dissociation during your client’s session, and what you can do about it that may change lifetimes of dysfunction.
  • Handling abreaction using a quick somatic trick to calm uncontrollable crying, grief, rage, jealousy, and other negative emotions.
  • A specific protocol that will illuminate one’s own purpose in life and be the guide post to walking one’s path; and when and how this can be given to clients as homework. This is an exercise that every person would have benefitted from early in life.
  • Homework assignments suitable for your clients for greater integration of their session.
  • Gain personal experience with the process of dying, offering a stronger sense of ease and comfort in facing this inevitable experience.
  • Discover several of your own past lives during practice sessions to expand your self-awareness as well as take advantage of the opportunity to heal issues stemming from them.
  • Overview discussion of professional ethics and scope of practice.

Required texts:

  • Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach (LaBay)
  • Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners (LaBay)

Both are available through Mary Lee and on Amazon, regular books and ebooks/kindle.

This program is designed for a diverse group of participants:

  • health care professionals who wish to incorporate hypnotherapy into their current practice
  • individuals who wish to explore a new career as a hypnotherapist
  • those who have a motivated interest in learning the healthful uses of hypnotherapy for self-care.


Refund Policy

Fee includes a detailed workbook ($35 value). If you cancel and are eligible for a refund, you will be charged a $35 processing fee plus $35 for the workbook (total of $70).

Refund schedule: 100% minus the above fees, up until 14 days prior to the start of class. 50% minus the above fees 7 days before the start of class. Less than 7 days, no refund; however, the tuition can be transferred to a class of the same title within 2 years of the start date of class.


For questions about the material to be covered, contact Mary Lee LaBay

marylee@maryleelabay.com or 425.562.7277



Note: It is recommended that you register at least two weeks prior to the start date of in class seminar, so you will be able to receive an email with attached work book and pre-class assignments. Obtain copy of the two required texts, and complete the required homework and reading assignments prior to the first class session.

Refund Policy:

Fee includes a detailed workbook ($35 value). If you cancel and are eligible for a refund, you will be charged a $35 processing fee plus $35 for the workbook (total of $70).

Refund schedule: 100% minus the above fees, up until 14 days prior to the start of class. 50% minus the above fees 7 days before the start of class. Less than 7 days, no refund; however, the tuition can be transferred to a class of the same title within 2 years of the start date of class. Next session is March 15-16 & April 5-6 – two weekends plus the home study requirements.

Classes maintain a fragrance-free environment.

One hour lunch break – Bring a sack lunch or eat at nearby restaurants.

Your Investment in  Your Future:  $750.00


Students repeating the exact same course pay only $225 when space is available. Please check with Mary Lee first, to ensure space available.

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