Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression

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Are you fascinated by past lives and “dying to know” what happens between lives? Do you have a desire to assist people in exploring their past life memories?

Are you someone who seeks a deeper perspective of existence and the world we live in?

Are you ready to have the freedom to choose your own hours and name your fees so you can create the lifestyle that YOU want while doing something that fascinates and fulfills you?

Past Life Regression is gaining wide spread popularity and was even featured on Oprah!

Listen now to a live demonstration of a past life regression:

Please understand that the above is a rather complex past life regression using some advanced techniques. You will learn how to do this type of work in the training.

More and more people are turning to hypnotherapists to explore their past lives and deepen their spiritual awareness, because they know the techniques employed in hypnotherapy rapidly and effectively enhance the body-mind-spirit connection so vital to self-discovery and personal improvement.

Picture yourself in a career in this fascinating field!

Psychiatrist Examining Patient


Exploring past lives and the time between lifetimes can:

  • deepen our understanding of our Selves: our character, personality and values
  • broaden our perspectives about the people in our lives—and the roles they have played in our past lives, and soul contracts we may have with them
  • clue us in to the origins of present issues such as habits, addictions, disease, reactions, fears, and phobias
  • enlighten us about our purpose, path, passions, creativity, talents, and personal power
  • expand our consciousness, give us more presence, and raise our self-awareness
  • prepare us for death and dying
  • become aware of our unseen helpers


Mary Lee LaBay’s unique approach to hypnotherapy and past life regression addresses the body, mind, and spiritual levels, and is client-centered, respectful, and organic. Her 30 years of study and 17 years of practice contribute to her extensive knowledge, understanding, and experience in past life and between life regression, bringing her trainings to a whole new level of excellence. Over the past 15 years, she has generously taught hundreds of students her secrets of a successful hypnotherapy and past life regression practice, so they can provide the same rapid and effective healing and enlightenment for their own clients. If you’d like to help others live better, more fulfilling lives, and to explore their past lives and expand their consciousness—while achieving the same for yourself—then studying hypnotherapy and past life regression with Mary Lee will be the right course for you.

“…a fascinating and astonishing experience.”

The first time I experienced past life regression was in a group in class. I had no idea what to expect. I only took the class as I had heard clients sometimes spontaneously regress to a past life during massage sessions. I thought I should be prepared.

I really had never given much thought to past lives, reincarnation etc. What a revelation! It just rolled out like a movie in my mind. It was very emotional and gave a depth of understanding to my experiences of death and dying in this lifetime.

Since that first experience in class I’ve had the privilege of having a one-on-one past life regression with Mary Lee. Believe me when I tell you she is a master at what she does. It’s a fascinating and astonishing experience. I highly recommend it.             ~ Diane (Didi) Graves


Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression is developed and primarily taught by Dr. Mary Lee LaBay. With a doctorate in Behavioral Psychology, she is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy, approved Instructor of Hypnotherapy for International Hypnosis Association and Certified Spiritual Counselor with decades of experience as an intuitive, regressionist, and teacher of personal spirituality and lifestyle transformation. She is the author of 5 published books, two of which are texts for this course, Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach and Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners.

susan hypnotherapist

Susan Lee Fields, MA, CHt, is the Teaching Assistant for the class. She brings her background and studies in hypnotherapy as well as her behind the scenes organization to provide the best support both in and out of the classroom. After spending 5 years in the medical profession, she served as Director of Operations for a nationwide firm. She mentored B2B groups, training Board of Directors to successfully build and maintain their businesses and networking organizations. In addition to her hypnotherapy credentials, she has attained certifications in past life regression and weight management.

This course will provide you with a unique combination of esoteric and practical skills that have been modified for increased effectiveness by Dr. LaBay over the past 17 years of clinical practice.

“…her credibility as a master teacher”

Mary Lee’s direct and consistent delivery in her principles and techniques only further lends to her credibility as a master teacher. She has also established an amazing community to keep students supported throughout their budding career and I still connect with her and my fellow students regularly for support.

Look no further for your training. There’s no other program like hers!               ~ Christa King


  • Start a new career facilitating past life and between life explorations for your clients
  • Add “Past Life Regression Specialist” to your credentials
  • Take your current holistic practice to a whole new spiritual depth
  • Simply experience deep personal change and growth within yourself

 Did you know that typical fees earned by Past Life Regressionists range between $60 – $250 per hour… and possibly more?


The course itself consists of two components:young woman in casual clothes sitting on floor

  • Home study: You will familiarize yourself with the terminology, the concepts, and the structure of the techniques. You will read case studies and have access to a library of audio and video recordings of previous trainings. You will be given credit for 25 hours of home study, although you may find this topic so fascinating you will never stop your research!
  • Classroom experience: Enjoy lectures and class discussions of the material, live demonstrations, and student practice sessions to start putting your skills into action. We will spend 35 hours in the classroom getting hands-on and first-hand experience!

You are encouraged to start the home study materials and exercises as soon as possible. You will have 3 months after the live course to complete and turn in your assignments, including an open book final exam. When completed, you will receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion to frame and hang on your wall stating that you have successfully completed 60 hours of Past Life Regression training.

“…powerful and delicious”

The professional courses that Mary Lee LaBay teaches are powerful and delicious.  It’s like being in a spice store full of amazing ingredients–sifted, filtered and purified for getting the best and most authentic results.

She creates a safe environment and approaches it with compassion, professionalism, and well-defined expectations. You can’t help but want to be onboard with her keen insights and wisdom offered, through her vast experience and knowledge.

She is a true artist able to demonstrate techniques to access and dialogue with the subconscious mind, while at the same time staying truly client-centered.  She clarifies flexibility in our journey with clients and her writing provides a sturdy foundation, while upholding the highest of ethical standards.  This holistic approach to teaching broadens possibilities, as well as honors diversity, in the individuals receiving (and providing) therapy.

Thank you for being so generous in what you have passed along to us, so that we may each be successful and can facilitate healing, in turn.  I remain in awe as I move forward, inspired!                   ~ Rachael Hogan

This training includes exploration of previous lifetimes, the time between lives, the healing of issues that stem from past life experiences, and the enhancement of self-awareness, talent, and knowledge gained during those experiences.

Inside of Inside


  • The difference between philosophy and sense of life; and how those two figure into every decision, behavior, emotion, and view of the world. An important distinction when working with your clients.
  • The two fundamental elements common to all humans. Discover why these set the stage to create a compass for pointing us to our path and purpose in life.
  • The distinction between perceptual consciousness and conceptual consciousness, and how this knowledge helps us to answer questions about incarnation cycles of humans and animals.
  • Various concepts of time and space taken from leaders in quantum physics circles; and how these clarify and substantiate the more profound and mysterious concepts of reincarnation.
  • Diagrams that demonstrate how the soul traverses between existing in the physical body and out of the body, what it really means to change and/or remove karma, and what happens when we “expand our consciousness” and “move up the spiral of enlightenment.”
  • How we can change the past, as well as the future!
  • Setting a conducive environment, building rapport, adjusting voice tonality and speed, conducting the intake session, and facilitating the past life regression session through graceful transitions.
  • Various methods of induction and deepening to get even the most resistant or analytical client into the proper state to successfully and safely experience a past life. Have successful sessions every time!
  • Organic and client-centered concepts and methods that allow you to work without scripts, maintain deep rapport with your client, and be intuitively attuned to the client’s experience as it unfolds.
  • Formation and use of non-leading questions to avoid false memory syndrome.
  • Methods to bring your client safely out of trance so they can safely drive and otherwise function normally.
  • Applications and uses of several techniques and strategies, organically and without scripts, for individual client goals and needs.
  • Case studies—in written and audio forms—that provide a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques for facilitating past life and between life journeys.

Your course materials continue to go even deeper into the concepts of reincarnation, informing you about:

  • If and how souls make choices about their incarnations, families, and timing.Within a Dream; in front of a closed door.
  • How to discover your client’s specific concerns at the moment of choosing this body to incarnate into, and whether there was assistance available.
  • How emotional “baggage” left over from a lifetime may affect decisions; and the tools to give you the ability to identify and correct both the baggage and the decision-making style.
  • If and why souls choose to incarnate into dysfunctional and abusive situations. Be prepared to deliver deep and effective help for clients who have experienced severe abuse.
  • How addiction and self-sabotaging behaviors may have origins in previous lifetimes, and how to discover and resolve these issues.
  • How to seek information about a soul’s purpose and the intended purpose for a given lifetime.
  • Discovering the deeper historical nature of personal relationships, talents, and personality your clients are curious about.
  • The four directions that our thoughts and behaviors point us toward, how they affect the progress of our path, and how they support or defeat our purpose.


  • Inductions: Several techniques to achieve hypnosis.
  • Deepening: Techniques to deepen the trance state, providing greater focus and relaxation, and increasing connection with the subconscious mind.
  • Emerging: Completing the hypnosis session, bringing the client back to normal awareness, along with closing conversations with the client.
  • Safe space: Guiding the client to imagine a place where they are relaxed, protected and connected
  • Empowerment Symbol: A unique anchoring technique that allows the client to access courage and confidence during the session as well as into their everyday life.
  • Role model: An aid for the client to give themselves permission to view the past life.
  • Secondary Gains: Applied when the subject is resistant to experiencing the regression.
  • Parts Therapy: Resolving any resistance to experiencing the past life.
  • Chair Therapy: Conversing with your past life self to exchange ideas, healing, and encouragement.
  • Practicalities of the practice: A discussion on the protocols for certification, registration, setting up a practice, marketing, ethics, and legalities.

“…a profound tool for the serious professional”

The Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression training is a profound tool for the serious professional as well as for those seeking personal discovery. I feel deeply empowered by the skills I gained in the PLR Class. I am confident that my greater understanding of hypnotherapy, gained through this class, adds a level of accomplishment to the work with my clients that is irreplaceable.     ~ Jane Todd


  • Demonstrate at least two inductions
  • Demonstrate at least one deepening technique
  • Demonstrate bringing a client out of trance and completing the session.
  • Guide a client to their safe space
  • Perform regression through somatic and affect bridges.
  • Perform past life regression
  • Perform between life exploration
  • Demonstrate secondary gains
  • Demonstrate parts therapy
  • Demonstrate the empowerment symbol
  • Demonstrate chair therapy
  • Demonstrate role model
  • Demonstrate future pacing
  • Describe the difference between leading and non-leading questions
  • Apply for designation “Past Life Regression Specialist”
  • Apply these hours toward full certification (100 hours) as a hypnotherapist

cosmic fire

Whether you choose to use these experiences in your professional practice or, like some students, use them for personal development, you will undoubtedly come away with a wealth of information. The experiences gained in this course will expand your perspective, stretch your imagination, flex your intuition, satisfy your logical quest, and give you a stronger sense of self.

“I can’t imagine you could find a better teacher”

If hypnotherapy is of interest to you, then I heartily recommend Mary Lee’s course.  She knows the material ‘like the back of her hand,’ and is quite adept at teaching it to others.  (She actually wrote the text book!)  By the end of the first day, you will already be able to do some things in the hypnotherapy realm, and as you proceed through the training, you will be amazed how much you have learned and how much you are able to actually “do.”

I’ve found that the students in her class quickly bond with each other.  And Mary Lee is incredibly accessible outside class as well.

If hypnotherapy is your goal, I can’t imagine you could find a better teacher–or a better program. ~ Rick Lowell


This program is designed for a diverse group of participants:

  • Health care professionals who wish to incorporate past life regression into their current practice
  • Holistic practitioners, massage therapists, coaches, and counselors who have witnessed their clients spontaneously accessing past life memories and want to be prepared to provide the best support for their clients
  • Past Life practitioners and Hypnotherapists who want to take their practice to a much higher level
  • Individuals who wish to explore a new career as a past life regression specialist, and
  • Those who have a motivated interest in learning the consciousness expanding uses of past life regression for self-care.

When you complete the requirements for this 60-hour program, you will qualify to become registered with the State Department of Health and certified as a “Past Life Regression Specialist”. These hours can also be applied to requirements for becoming a certified hypnotherapist by a national or international organization.


There are no prerequisites to take the class. All levels are welcome as we will cover the basics as well as very advanced materials and concepts.

Please check with your accountant whether this course will qualify as a business or education tax deduction for you or your company.

Credits: Training includes 32 hours in the classroom and 18 hours in home study, comprised of practice sessions, reading, listening to audios. You will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Dates: February 19-22, 2015

Location: TBA

Tuition:   $2700 to include classroom time, workbook, and bonuses (below)

  • Early Registration by Noon on January 19:     $2200       BEST VALUE!
  • Sorry, we cannot offer any exceptions after this deadline.

  Payment Option:   If you would like to pay your tuition in regular payments, here is the payment schedule:

  • Three payments by February 1st –  $800 each on December 1, January 1, and February 1 – Total $2400
  • Four payments by February 1st – $600 each on November 1, December 1, January 1, and February 1 – Total $2400.

Required Texts:  Please obtain a copy of Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach and Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners, by Mary Lee LaBay, and begin the required homework and reading assignments prior to the first class session. Sold separately: Available on Amazon, through Mary Lee, in stores, and at your library.

Refund Policy: There is a non-refundable $500 registration fee included in the tuition fee.

  • Refunds of the remaining fee paid (minus $500) is available up until the time that materials are sent to the participants, approximately 20 days in advance. No refunds are available once materials have been received.
  • $2700-500 = $2200 refundable     $2200-500 = $1700 refundable by January 31st.
  • After that date, no refunds are available.


  • Access to the Awareness Engineering membership site for 3 months to enjoy guided meditations and recorded workshops and trainings to further your education in hypnotherapy and past life regression.  ($30 value)
  • Samples of office forms created by Mary Lee and approved by her attorneys for use in the State of Washington: Client Intake, Client Disclosure, Client’s Rights.  ($400 value)
  • Special invitation and access to private Facebook page, monitored by Dr. Mary Lee LaBay, where you can share ideas, concerns, questions, and answers with a supportive group of former students.  ($400 value)
  • Business Building Manual on creating and maintaining business, marketing, pathway to certification and registration. ($200)

Total Value of Bonus Materials:  $1030 !!

“…your wisdom and vast knowledge”

I am so grateful to you for imparting your wisdom and vast knowledge especially because it seems to be blending with my own…. I am starting to get it! I am realizing my own strengths and trusting the power of my own innate intuition through this process. Thanks again…(I know I will be saying these words over and over many times to you)!        ~ Patsy Gibb

To discuss whether this course is right for you, please contact Mary Lee LaBay

marylee@maryleelabay.com or 844.544.4242

Note: It is recommended that you register at least two weeks prior to the start date so you will have time to receive an email with attached workbook and pre-class assignments, and to arrange your hotel accommodations and air flights, if needed.


  Early Registration of $2200.00 will be charged through Paypal. To use your credit card privately, or to pay by check, please contact Mary Lee at 844.544.4242


Register now for both Past Life Regression
and Spiritual Awakenings (April 16-19)
for a Total Tuition of $3,600. 


Learn past life regression, between life exploration, soul retrieval, spiritual journeys, communicating with spirit guides….and so much more.  Join us in this life-changing, soul-expanding adventure!