Identify Your Purpose

It may surprise you to learn that your purpose is not inherent in you, but is identified by you. Think about that again: Your purpose is not inherent in you. It is named by you.

It is not about finding your purpose. Rather, it is about choosing your purpose.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Purpose only exists as a result of consciousness. Without consciousness, there is no purpose.
  • Your purpose depends on knowledge of the entire nature of your being.
  • Your purpose is based on knowledge of the entire nature of your intended goal or aim.
  • Purpose requires a decision. You must bring together the nature of your being with the nature of your goal to determine your purpose.



If we use a rock as an example, we would examine the rock for its nature. It is hard, durable, has dimension and size, is shaped a certain way or could be shaped. Next, we would determine the goal we have in mind.

Let’s say we want to construct a building. We can then determine that the purpose of the rock is that of creating a sturdy and long-lasting wall.

Another example is ginger. Ginger simply exists with its many uses and functions, but without any inherent purpose. It can be used as a spice, a tonic, or a medicine. But remember that the purpose that a specific piece of ginger will have will be conferred by the person using it.

You, too, may have many talents, functions, and uses. You are free and fully capable of simply functioning and being useful for the rest of your life. That is how so many people life.

However, I suspect there is a spark in you, a curiosity and drive. You are visiting my site, reading this post, and looking for answers. You already know there is more to this quest than waiting for your purpose to show up, or getting advice from someone else.

Because that likely hasn’t worked so far!