The experiences gained from past life and between life exploration can be eye-opening and life-changing. You will likely walk away from the session with a new perspective of yourself and of the world.

It is valuable for you to find ways to integrate these experiences into your life in a way that is useful. You can do this in a number of ways so that your investment in yourself and the recollection of your past life memories are supported, and you continue on your exploratory journey into the future.

I often give my clients a Value System exercise, which is a valuable tool for anyone but especially those focused on self-growth and self-awareness. This exercise is included in the Stellium and Zephyr programs, as well as in the professional past life training.  You can work on it at home, and then bring it to subsequent appointments to serve as a basis of a dialogue about your progress.

Other homework suggestions for integration include journaling, meditation, and creative visualization.

When you are ready to explore your past lives, call for a discovery session at 425.562.7277 or check out my events for a workshop or training.