Is Your Life Important?

You have spent your lifetime gathering knowledge and experience, developing a career and building a family. The events, the emotions, and the achievements make up who you are, and all seem so important in this moment.

Yet, how much of it will you remember in your future lifetimes?

Will you come back to review and appreciate all that you did during this life? Will it be important for you to understand these experiences you are having here, and to remember them?

If you are learning and growing, gaining skills and honing talents, then why lose any of that progress by forgetting it all when you die? If you have had traumas and challenges, why allow those experiences to become baggage for your future life when they show up as unexplained pain and unwanted habits, when they could be transformed into wisdom?

You may feel your experiences in this life warrant being remembered even into the far future, and in future lives. You may want your future self to inherit your wisdom, skills and talents from you, rather than having to start over in that quest for growth.

Are your past lives important to you? Does it matter what you accomplished and gained in those other lifetimes? Do you pay attention and honor the journey you have taken throughout the millenniums?

If not, then all that you do in this lifetime may be just as inconsequential to you after you are gone from here, too. All of it, just a vague shadow – or maybe nothing at all to you.

Think about it.

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