It’s In the Cards! Three Ways to Use Tarot Cards

How many times have you heard that saying? “It’s in the cards!”  There are many variations – It’s in the stars, I had a gut feeling, this is an auspicious sign…and so forth.

These all refer to modalities of foretelling the future or using enhanced intuitive feelings to alert you to the reality of a situation.

How many times have you had a gut feeling – and then it turned out exactly the way that you “knew” it would? How many times were you curious about the outcome of a situation, and wish you had more tools to determine what actions would be best for you?

I have had a lifelong attraction to tools and techniques that allow me to “tune in” and receive clarity or wisdom that, in turn, can be used as guidance in moving forward through my life. Starting at the age of 16, I experimented with Tarot and Astrology, later studying palmistry, pendulums, handwriting, runes, I Ching…and the list goes on. It is a fascinating study, and at times the results of the readings are truly astonishing.

While I don’t live my life by the outcomes of the cards or stars, I have to say that when my clients exclaim how accurate the reading was, or call to say that everything I told them came to pass, I am very pleased, and still, after all these years, more than a little baffled! I cannot tell you how or why it works – only that it really does!

Let me tell you a few ways that I have used the Tarot cards:

While on a sailboat in the Greek and Turkish islands last summer with three other couples, every evening at cocktail hour I would produce my Tarot cards. Each person would take a card, with or without a specific question in mind.

We would take turns talking about our card and the way that we imagined that it fit into our present situation or the question that was contemplated. This exercise opened up deep and thoughtful conversations that otherwise would never have occurred.

It was a great opportunity to deepen our relationships and learn so much more about the inner thoughts and feelings of our friends.

When my daughter was offered two career opportunities, she quickly called to ask me to look at the cards to determine if there were any additional factors that she should consider.

I did a separate reading on each of the offers, and was able to give her ideas about questions to be sure to ask, possible snags that needed to be worked out ahead of time, and the possible outcome to expect from each of the choices. Using this tool in addition to the information that she already had, gave her greater perspective in making her selection.

During a flight, about a year ago, there were three incidences that made everyone extremely nervous about the flight. We were required to return to the gate because one passenger discovered he was on the wrong flight. (Amazing that can happen with all the security!)

Then there was an engine problem that required a delay. Next they announced that we would have to disembark and board another plane. Within minutes they changed their minds and made us wait aboard that aircraft.

Finally, many of the passengers were too nervous and chose to leave the flight. I chose to use my cards and a pendulum to get additional information. These tools indicated that it was going to be perfectly fine to remain on the flight. I chose to relax and go with the flow. Pretty soon we were airborne, and I am here to tell the tale…so the cards had it right!

How do you imagine this type of tool might help you in times of indecision and conflict, or when you simply want to know more about your path?

Classes in learning to read Tarot cards i the style of Awareness Engineering are offered throughout the year by Mary Lee. Check the calendar for the next opportunity to gain this life skill! If you don’t see a class on Tarot listed, email Mary Lee with your interest in a class.