Laughter Banishes Stress

Have you ever tried to be sad and happy at the same time?

Many of us are able to switch our moods and emotions fairly rapidly, but did you know that it is impossible to maintain both states of mind simultaneously.

How about laughing and being stressed? If you are feeling stressed right now, take a moment to laugh. What do you notice?

In this world of high stress, it is easy to lose track of our sense of humor, but recent studies show that a good laugh is the best antidote.  In our hectic modern lifestyle, stress has become an expected part of our day.

We are hearing more and more reports of cases of road rage. Now relief may be easier than you think!

Researchers at Loma Linda University have found that humor banishes stress. While it may be understandable that viewing a comedy would lighten ones mood, what was really interesting about the study was that the levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, were actually reduced simply by informing the participants in the study that they would be watching a video of a comedy. That’s right – stress was reduced simply by the anticipation of humor.

How can you add more humor to your life? Try listening to a comedy radio station, or load your car’s CD changer with routines from your favorite comedians? The next time you find yourself stressed in traffic, the remedy will be close at hand.