In Which Direction Are You Going in Life?

Four Directions

Throughout existence, a soul has the option of following one of four directions. A soul follows an overall direction, while specific actions or philosophies also have directional orientation.

Moving toward death

These choices involve harmful, self-sabotaging intentions and behaviors. They may include drug and alcohol use, violence, and criminal activity.

Moving away from death

These choices are based on fear and the avoidance of disaster and punishment. These may include giving in to personal and political pressure, and making choices based on the lesser of two evils. This direction includes victims and those who spend their time reacting to the circumstances that come their way.

Moving away from life

Included in this category are the avoidance of lessons and experiences, sabotaging the fulfillment of goals and purpose, as well as deprivation, denial and suicide. It also involves giving control of your decisions and thoughts over to another person, and any form of escapism.

Moving toward life

In this group, we find proper pursuit of happiness. The soul on this path engages in purposeful activities that contribute to their growth and promote the survival of their consciousness and existence. They face their lessons directly and are happy to learn from them. They consider their choices and opt for those that support their life. There is creativity and self-determination in this direction.


Rather than turning over the responsibility of keeping score for your soul, it is wise to take on that responsibility for yourself. The more clearly one sees themselves, their actions , and their impact on the world, the more they move toward enlightenment and expanded consciousness.


Contemplate and write about the following:

  • Take five attitudes or activities that you typically engage in and determine whether they would fall into the category of Moving Toward Death, Moving Away from Death, Moving Away from Life, or Moving Toward Life.
  • What have you learned about yourself from this exercise?

Can you see how putting everything in your life on the course of Moving Toward Life could alter your life path and make the world a better place to live?

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