Manifest Your Life

Manifestation, abundance, luck, law of attraction.

We hear these words used a lot and want to live a life filled with these blessings.

Who wouldn’t want to attract wealth, health, loving relationships, and a purposeful and fulfilling life?

Sometimes it feels like these attributes gravitate to other people, while we are left out in the cold struggling to make a living and fixing an endless string of problems with health and relationships.

So what does it take to get in the flow of positive blessings? Is it a birthright or a gift from some unseen benefactor? Is it the ebb and flow of karma?


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As a child I was told the story about Lana Turner, who was discovered while sipping a soda at a drug store counter in Holly wood. It was also instilled in me that it wasn’t proper to be self-centered, self-promoting, and egotistical.

So, in my young mind, I somehow concluded that I couldn’t go after what I really wanted. That the ethical way to advance in life was by letting someone else discover me and offer the pathway to success and abundance.

I thought that, if I studied hard, my teachers would realize my genius and promote me to advanced classes (never happened), or if I played the piano constantly in my suburban home in Colorado, a music producer would somehow drive by, hear me, and make me an overnight success. (And the chances of that are…?)

But these are just small examples of the kind of thinking that we all get stuck on. We come up with some idea that abundance and success will be handed to us by a random generous and keen-sighted benefactor who will catapult us into the limelight or hand us the ticket to our fortune….just because.

Does any of this resonate with you?

Maybe you are waiting for God, or angels, or spirit guides to rescue you, or a lover, a boss, or a friend to somehow bring you happiness and make your dreams come true. How many people around you have proven that to be a good strategy?

It took me quite a few years to figure out that waiting to be discovered was not the fast and sure pathway to manifest my dreams or fulfill my purpose. Most people who showed up in my life wanted me to help them fulfill their own purpose, not help me with mine.

I needed a better strategy. I needed to take charge of manifesting and fulfilling my own destiny.

I finally figured out that it takes at least two things: a clear vision of what I want and the determination to take the necessary steps to achieve it.

When I read Tarot cards, I use the Moon card to illustrate the concept of being on “the path”. The scene depicted on this card is of a crab emerging from a body of water. There is a path that lies ahead of him that eventually leads through twists and turns to the top of a mountain. In order to make his journey and arrive at his final destination, he must first pass by a hound and a wolf and through a set of pillars.


Illustration by Robin Wood

This is not unlike what it takes to set a goal and then achieve it.

The crab is comfortable living in the water, but the view is limited. Only when he emerges does he have the clear vision to see a higher goal: the mountaintop. As he becomes aware of this higher goal, he also realizes that the journey begins by moving through the pillars. The pillars have the same reference as the gates of the village that Joseph Campbell refers to when the hero must leave the comfort of his community to embark on his adventure.

Yet, this crab must safely navigate past the hound and the wolf before he can even reach the pillars and start on his path. We all face this.

If we set a goal, we will have to deal with the hounds in our lives who try to distract us. They are the shiny objects that take our attention, or those who would “hound” us to forget the big dream and just stay here with us. We will go shopping, play small, blend in.

And then we also have to negotiate with the wolves. They are the ones who sabotage, put us down, criticize, smash our dreams, or are competitive and jealous.

Can you name any hounds and wolves in your life?

To manifest the life you truly want, take the time to determine what would truly fulfill your passions. Clearly envision your goal.

Then, garner the courage and confidence to stay determined and faithful to that goal, navigating through all the distracting shiny objects and the sabotaging nay-sayers.

You deserve to create your destiny, to manifest your dreams, and to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

If you need assistance with any part of this plan – clearly seeing the goal, navigating the path, managing the challenges – please schedule a free 30-minute  Discovery Call. You don’t have to figure this out on your own, and it is much more efficient to have support on the journey.