Once Upon a Time You Knew Your Purpose

Do you know your purpose now?

When we are children, we are frequently more in touch with the nature of the purpose we hoped to accomplish this particular lifetime. By going back in our memories, we can often recall many activities that magnetically drew our attention. There may have been many hopes, dreams, and fantasies that were important to each of us.

As we were developing in our childhood, we may have been encouraged to “grow up”, be responsible, and do what was expected. These commands can confuse and cloak our true calling, our passions. Too often we end up playing out someone else’s script, someone else’s dreams. The result is a sense of disconnection and discontent.

Take a moment to think back to your childhood interests. What games did you play? What toys did you enjoy? What were your interests? What activities came easily to you?

Do you feel any resonance with any of those activities? Have you continued to participate in any of those same types of activities? Have any of those playtime interests developed into a career path?

What opportunities presented themselves in the course of your life? How many of them contain clues to your purpose?

My wish is that everyone refuse to be so grown up that they forget to play and dream their own dreams.

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