While we often explore past lives out of curiosity of who we were in other times in history, there are also more practical uses for taking a journey into another lifetime. We can gain a vast amount of information about ourselves, including the root causes of phobias, fears, blocks, and challenges, which often surface during regressions.

For instance, if we drowned in a past life, we may have an “irrational” fear of water in this life. It is really not so irrational when viewed from this bigger perspective. Seeing where these fears and challenges originated can help us move beyond them and create the life we want.

A client of mine (let’s call him Bob) wanted to experience a past life regression in order to better understand his intense phobia of heights. He was unable to enjoy mountain vistas or even beautiful views from balconies while on vacation. When Bob realized that he couldn’t even climb a ladder, he decided that his condition had become debilitating and was determined to put an end to it.

During the regression, he experienced a lifetime when he was moving across the country in a train of covered wagons with his wife. There were very few women on the journey, and three other men in the group were jealous that he had a wife and they were alone. They plotted to get rid of him so that his wife would become available to them.

One day as they were traveling past a canyon, the three men engaged him in a conversation. They drew him close to the edge of a cliff – and in one quick movement, pushed him to his death.

By exploring that past life, Bob was able to resolve his subconscious fears. He realized where they had come from, and understood that the danger was long gone. He had nothing to fear from heights in this life.

Speaking with him a few months later, he expressed that he was no longer experiencing any of the previous phobia.

While all phobias may not be resolved during one past life regression session, it has frequently been the case. What fears or phobias might you have that may have roots in a previous lifetime?

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