Passion Leads to Purpose

Living in the midst of your purpose naturally generates energy and passion. You will go through life feeling joyful, surrounding yourself with the things that you love. And you will take time for yourself. You will awaken each morning with enthusiasm and in anticipation of the coming day.

Many people have never experienced those feelings. They go to jobs they hate, come home to watch TV, go to bed, and then go back to the job the next day—over and over again. This leads to depression and disease because they are not following their true soul calling. They are stuffing their desires and emotions, doing what they hate…everyday.

The steps in being purposeful begin with establishing a rationally based, sound value system.  By living your life making choices that are aligned with your personal values, you will find that you are living a life of passion, purpose, and joy.

Why be concerned about what the other fellow is doing and what society expects from you—after all, are they looking out for YOUR best interests?  Even if they think they are, they are mistaken if the result is such frustration and stress.

Why compare yourself to others when your greatest goals are to expand your own consciousness and promote your own existence? Imagine a world where everyone was fulfilled and passionate, joyfully expressing their unique purpose and path.

If you would like to get started on developing your personal value system, please click here: Create Your Value System